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Only Use Sofa Cleaning Services That Are Certified For It

Homeowners generally know how important regular carpet cleaning is, but sofa cleaning services are just as important, especially if a homeowner would like to keep their furniture looking its best. Upholstery is subject to a lot of abuse on a daily basis, and after a few years of it, the upholstery may turn a completely different color. It may also just be unpleasant to sit on, with food stains and pet dander making for a repulsive experience. It gets worse, too, because heavily soiled furniture is more susceptible to damage and may even harbor pests, bacteria, or mold due to organic soils. That makes it a health issue. Certified professionals know how to get rid of these deeply matted soils, though, and ensure the furniture can again be something worth relaxing upon.

Who can provide the best sofa cleaning services?

Carpet cleaning firms will often clean furniture upholstery as well, but it is important to select a firm that is certified separately for upholstery treatment. Different tools and methods are required to treat upholstery, so different skills are needed as well. Homeowners should only considered certified technicians, and those certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) are considered among the best. The IICRC offers a number of classes to industry professionals, including courses that are focused on cleaning upholstery.

How do certified sofa cleaning services perform treatment?

Every firm has its own way of doing things, but most firms use similar philosophies and tools in treating the furniture. It’s best to first vacuum the entire piece of furniture with a powerful dry vacuum, as this gets the loose soils out of the way and prevents them from getting matted in the fabric. Most firms will go over the upholstery several times before starting the next part of the process.

After dry vacuuming, certified sofa cleaning services will apply a light pretreatment coat that soaks into the furniture and traps soils. This makes it easier to remove particles that are entangled in fibers or just pressed down deeply into the fabric. Following pretreatment, the technician will apply water and light detergent to the upholstery. This can be done simply with a hand sponge and some light pressure, or it can be done with a wand tool that delivers both detergent and water in a single mixture. In either case, a professional will take care not to apply too much water.

Once the technician has treated the furniture in this way a couple times, the fabric is dried with a water extraction tool that gets rid of most of the moisture. A protective coat is applied to the furniture to keep it safe from future exposure to soils, then the furniture should sit and air dry for a couple hours more.

In some cases, odor and stain removal, and color repair may be necessary. Certified sofa cleaning services can normally assist with this as well. In fact, a certified firm will do everything possible to make the furniture look and feel like new again.

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