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Is An Online Carpet Cleaning Certification The Best Choice?

A technician looking to improve their standing in the industry may look tirelessly for online carpet cleaning certification classes. The problem is, there aren’t reputable courses that teach web-only textile treatment classes, and for good reason. To fully understand how to use modern equipment, it needs to be handled in person. Otherwise, all a technician will know is the theory, and not the application. Modern treatment methods are also more easily demonstrated in person, and many technicians learn best with their hands. As any expert in the field will tell you, the internet can only teach a technician so much.

Are there any online courses besides carpet cleaning certification classes worth taking?

It’s true that hands-on experience is invaluable for less experienced technicians, but experienced and knowledgeable professionals can still pick up additional skills through web-only classes. Many of these are offered through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and cover a huge range of topics. A professional may feel confident they can handle most standard work settings, but web-only courses offer advanced rug and flooring treatment techniques, as well as guidance in treating crime scenes, and active commercial settings.

If a technician wants to round out their skills to an extent, the IICRC can train them in a variety of skills that may be hard to acquire otherwise. This includes special techniques for handling water and fire damage, the microbiology behind molds and other pathogens – such as blood borne pathogens – advanced structural drying techniques, and several courses aimed at firm owners, like marketing, web development, pricing, and communications. These classes can help new firm owners, or business owners who have serviced their area for years.

To gain access to the IICRC’s web-only classes, the technician will need to pass the organizations’ textile treatment course. Once they have completed the class and passed the exam, they must acquire continuing education credits every year to remain in good standing with the IICRC. Most choose to do this through the IICRC’s web-only resources.

Why should a technician consider the IICRC’s classes instead of online carpet cleaning certification courses?

We’ve already addressed why it is not a good idea to learn how to clean carpeting on the web alone. But it’s worth mentioning what the IICRC’s classes will look like in person. IICRC courses are handled by a respected member of the industry, and there are thousands of them available around the country and world. During the IICRC’s textile treatment class, students will have the opportunity to identify a range of fiber and rug constructions, as well as select and execute the proper treatment methods depending on the textile material and build.

This information is difficult to attain through a web-only class, and a technician who learns how to do it in person will be able to ask questions and correct their mistakes before committing them on a client’s flooring.

The IICRC has an excellent reputation among registrants, industry experts, and consumers. Put this reputation to work for your firm, and the results will be well worth it.

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