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No One Ever Asks Me If Im Certified

By Dennis Klager

In all my years in the cleaning and restoration business, I’ve never been asked, “Are you IICRC certified?”  
What should we do about this?  

The Bottom Line

In order to run a successful business, you must give your company value. Your participation in the IICRC can be a huge part of this.  
Price is what you charge for your service; value is how your customers feel about your company and their experiences with it.
Value is presented layer upon layer, day after day, month after month. It’s not any one thing--it’s hundreds of things that add up to paint the picture of your business in the customers’ minds.
While this article is too short to lay out all the things that give your company value, here is how you can use your experience with the IICRC to go all the way to the bank: 

Show and Tell

Your customer wants to feel they are dealing with a competent, trustworthy and caring company. They’ll figure out a lot by observation, but some things have to be explained.
As a business, you need to give your customers what they need to believe you are above the “others.” They will not go looking for it. This is your opportunity to present everything you have done that provides value.  
Explain that you are not only IICRC certified, but that you apply what you know and do everything according to industry standards. Help them understand how your business focuses on best practices and training. If they’re not familiar with the IICRC, direct them to the website or provide leave-behind materials that educate them on the value of working with a Firm bearing the IICRC logo.   

Gain Skills and Confidence

Make it easier for your customers to trust you. Make it easier for you to trust yourself!
For more than 40 years, the IICRC (originally IICUC) has been gathering technical information, certifying technicians and setting standards for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry.
The guidelines or “Standards” have been gathered and agreed upon by hundreds of participants in the process. Many volunteers continually oversee the content of our standards and certification material, as well as the process we use to get to a final agreement. The result is training and certification that has undergone years of scrutiny and trial and error.
I can’t imagine trying to make it without the knowledge and contacts I’ve gotten from the IICRC.  

Value in Certification

As a Certified Firm, you can further earn a customer’s trust by educating them on why they should trust you over another company:

  1. You have a verified list of technicians with up-to-date certifications
  2. You have provided a copy of your General Liability Insurance
  3. You have a current business license, where needed
  4. You signed a Code of Ethics

Your status as a Certified Firm provides potential customers with the proof that you have applied yourself to learning a wealth of information, and the value of hiring you, a Certified Firm.   

Dennis Klager has been involved in the cleaning and restoration industry for 33 years as a technician, business owner and IICRC approved instructor. He teaches Water Restoration (WRT) and Carpet Cleaning (CCT).

*For helpful tips and resources to market your business, visit the Certified Firm only section of the IICRC website at If you don’t have your login information, enter your Certified Firm number as your username and the last four digits of your primary business phone number on record with the IICRC as your password. Please email if you need more information.

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