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October 2014 Standards Update

October 2014 Standards Update

ANSI/IICRC S100 Standard on Textile Floor Covering Cleaning Coming Soon
Expected to publish in January, the newly revised and updated S100 will establish minimum standards for professional on-location cleaning of installed textile floor coverings. In so doing, it will acknowledge the critical role played by consumers in selecting and maintaining those floor coverings prior to the need for such professional cleaning. For this reason, the actual standards for cleaning will be preceded by information on the importance of pre-cleaning maintenance, ways in which consumers may evaluate the qualification of professional cleaners, basic principles of cleaning and the necessity for thorough pre-cleaning and post-cleaning inspections. Once these points are covered, standards for the application of the five common on-location cleaning methods (or variations thereof) will be outlined. No attempt will be made to evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of individual cleaning methods or to compare or contract one method with another.

NSI/IICRC S800 Available
Earlier this year, the IICRC released the NSI/IICRC S800 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Floorcoverings. This Standard defines basic operational procedures and techniques for inspecting/evaluating, including carpet types, characteristics and conditions; specification; installation procedures and post-installation maintenance and cleaning. The S800 is available in multiple electronic formats for download on mobile devices, tablets, iPads, e-readers and more.

Call for Volunteers
•    BSR-IICRC S210 Standard and Reference Guide for Dimension Stone Maintenance and Restoration. Applications are currently being accepted for the S210 Consensus Body and Chapter Committees. The S210 Standard will encompass the cleaning, maintenance, restoration, rehabilitation, preservation methodologies and repair for interior dimension stone.

•    BSR-IICRC S220 Standard on Hard Surface Floor Covering Inspection. Applications are currently being accepted for volunteers to serve on this Consensus Body. The Consensus Body members will meet approximately once per year in person, with most of the work being completed online and via conference calls. The new BSR-IICRC S220 Standard will include inspection of hard surface floor coverings including; stone, marble, laminate, wood, ceramic and resilient. The document will establish a procedural standard for professionally inspecting hard surface floor coverings.

These new standards will be developed in accordance with the ANSI Essential Requirements as an American National Standard. Those interested in submitting an application to participate on the S210 or S220 Consensus Bodies, please contact Mili Washington, IICRC Standards Director, by Oct. 31 at

For more information on other certification programs and standards offered by IICRC, visit To purchase a copy of the IICRC standards, please visit or call the IICRC headquarters at (360) 693-5675.

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