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Obtaining A Carpet Cleaning Certification In AZ

Technicians in the southwest can find several carpet cleaning certification courses in AZ, including classes that teach the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) material through approved instructors. The IICRC is among the most respected industry organizations in the world, which is why so many professionals adopt its practices for their clients. In fact, the IICRC is so well-established in the field that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approached the IICRC for its assistance in creating consumer standards for the industry. It makes sense, then, for technicians to learn the IICRC’s methods because they may soon be the official practices for professionals everywhere.

Can a professional take carpet cleaning certification courses in AZ?

The IICRC works with more than 50,000 technicians and firms every year, and those that don’t have the time, disposable funds and inclination to travel far for a course can likely find one near them. The IICRC does not teach students out of a handful of satellite campuses around the country. Instead, the IICRC has a network of approved schools whose instructors who have agreed to uphold the organization’s technical and ethical practices. Approved schools and instructors must remain in good standing with the Institute through continuing education and positive consumer feedback, so they serve as excellent teachers for technicians.

Several approved schools are spread throughout the Copper State, though they are mostly concentrated in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. This means that any professionals doing business in the state will be within driving distance of any IICRC carpet cleaning certification courses in AZ. And because the IICRC’s basic textile treatment course only lasts a couple of days, a technician can complete their education, pass the exam and gain certification quickly.

Why should a professional consider IICRC carpet cleaning certification courses in AZ?

Even though IICRC courses are convenient and economical, a professional may naturally wonder what is in it for them. For decades, technicians were able to get by with nothing more than knowledge passed on from senior technicians and firm owners. This is no longer the case. More firms are looking to improve their reputation in the field, and the best way to do this is to employ skilled and educated professionals. If a technician wants reliable employment and additional chances to advance their career, formal education through the IICRC is a strong choice.

Home and business owners have taken notice of the IICRC and their standards of training technicians. In the last few years, consumer studies have demonstrated a growing trend among consumers when it comes to the professionals they hire. Specifically, consumers are now choosing technicians with more experience and have stated that education is an important factor when hiring a professional. A technician may be skeptical of consumer studies, but there is no doubt that there has never been more transparency in the field. This means home and business owners can easily pick out which professionals have the best training, and that usually means an education through the IICRC.

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