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MoU Spotlight: Indoor Air Quality Association

IICRC MoU Spotlight

What is an MoU? An MoU is a Memorandum of Understanding. The IICRC forms strategic partnerships through the use of MoUs with organizations that lead to the Institute’s standards and certifications use in other industries. MoUs also expand the global reach and value of the Institute by fostering long-term relationships in other countries with organizations that share our mission and values.

As part of an ongoing series, the Institute will highlight a new MoU in each issue of the IICRCToday. Who’s up this month? The Indoor Air Quality Association, aka the IAQA.

Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
President: Kent Rawhouser

What is IAQA/What is its mission?
The Indoor Air Quality Association brings practitioners together to prevent and solve indoor environmental problems for the benefit of their customers and the public.

Who is IAQA’s audience/stakeholders?
IAQA draws from a wide range of disciplines and practices related indoor air quality. The membership comprises individuals and companies, including contractors, consultants, facility maintenance professionals, industry vendors, school officials and representatives from state and federal government agencies. Anyone working to improve indoor air quality would benefit from IAQA’s opportunities for information exchange. Locally, IAQA volunteers operate more than 20 active chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada.

What are three things IAQA is working on in the upcoming year?
Our focus will remain on providing the premiere IAQ educational courses in the industry, maintaining our position as the leading source of IAQ information. By staying true to our mission and continuing to support the IAQA membership, we are proud to help IAQA members remain the most knowledgeable and qualified IAQ experts in the world.

Have there been any new developments or announcements?
The IAQA and ASHRAE Board of Directors both voted unanimously to consolidate at ASHRAE’s 2015 Winter Conference last month. This is an historic event for both associations and has great promise for growth and development for both organizations. The opportunities and possibilities for members are only limited by our own imaginations. Both organizations have encouraged their members to attend their local IAQA and ASHRAE local chapter meetings to learn first-hand about the new volunteer opportunities available to them that will lead to their further engagement in the industry. IAQA and ASHRAE are committed to growing and developing the IAQA brand. The consolidation will open new avenues for programs and benefits for our members.

Where can someone find more information about IAQA?
Information about the benefits of IAQA is available at  The site includes information about training programs offered by the association, its standards and for the consumer, a “Finding a Qualified Professional” service which makes finding qualified professionals in the indoor air quality field easy.

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