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Looking To Take The Carpet Cleaning Certification Exam

As part of its commitment to education, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) connects technicians and other industry professionals with accredited schools that offer a carpet cleaning certification exam along with a host of other courses and programs.

The IICRC is the standard setting organization for the industry, and as such, does not operate any schools or classes, nor does it employ faculty or teaching staff. Instead, the IICRC acts as an information portal for those – whether new to the industry or already established – who wish to obtain documented education in their field, or venture out into a new area of expertise.

On the IICRC website, prospective students will find information on classes and certification tracks, as well as a list of IICRC-approved schools across the country. Course descriptions and class schedules are also available for viewing.

Students interested in becoming certified carpet cleaning technicians are able to locate classes that fit their schedule and are being held in their area through a simple web search by program on the IICRC website. Another way for students to get started on a carpet cleaning certification exam is to select an IICRC-approved school from a list of nearly 70 approved schools and look for the desired courses in the school’s curriculum offerings.

Individuals who wish to take the carpet cleaning certification exam must attend the applicable course at an IICRC approved school that is qualified to uphold the organization’s standards. This is a 2-day course with 14 hours of instruction. The class teaches students a variety of skills and theoretical knowledge, including how to identify carpet styles and finishes, practical applications of science, and the latest techniques and procedures. The course must be taken in a classroom setting and cannot be completed from a remote location, as online and distance learning are reserved for continuing education courses only.

It is not too late to enroll, as through the remainder of 2013, classes are still being offered in many states, including:

•    Arizona
•    Arkansas
•    California
•    Colorado
•    Connecticut
•    Florida
•    Georgia
•    Illinois
•    Kentucky
•    Louisiana
•    Maryland
•    Massachusetts
•    Michigan
•    Minnesota
•    Missouri
•    Nebraska
•    Nevada
•    New Hampshire
•    New Jersey
•    New York
•    North Carolina
•    Oregon
•    Pennsylvania
•    South Carolina
•    Tennessee
•    Texas
•    Utah
•    Virginia
•    Washington
•    Wisconsin

The carpet cleaning certification exam is a written test that must be taken at the end of the course. Students who are unable to take the test immediately at the conclusion of the class for whatever reason will be directed to an exam monitor in their area who will administer the test within 90 days of the conclusion of the course. The same is true for students who failed the initial test and wish to retake it.

As with all IICRC-approved educational programs, prospective students who successfully completed a carpet cleaning certification exam will derive value from the documented education not only in knowing they possess the tools to excel in the workplace, but also in the form of customer trust and respectability. Graduates have earned the right to wear the Clean Trust service mark badge on their uniform. The patch is a symbol that identifies them as IICRC-endorsed technicians who work with professional proficiency and conform to ethical standards.

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