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Looking For Commercial And Industrial Carpet Cleaning Services

One of the most effective ways to establish oneself as a credible professional in the field of industrial carpet cleaning is to obtain certification by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, known as the IICRC for short.

IICRC certification programs are open to individuals who are already active in the profession, but want to enhance their existing expertise and document their training. It is also available to newcomers to the field who wish to start their career with proper credentials.  Through approved partner schools and academies located around the country, the IICRC offers two basic certification programs suitable for professionals providing certain commercial services, including industrial carpet cleaning. All courses are taught by certified instructors affiliated with IICRC-approved schools.


This certification program is intended for students who specialize in primarily commercial applications
. This 2-day course teaches basic industrial carpet composition and cleaning techniques. In addition, students can expect to learn methodologies as outlined in the IICRC S100 Standards, as well as applicable safety procedures. At the end of the course, graduating CCMTs will have a fundamental comprehension of preventative, restorative, salvage, and interim soil removal as it applies to industrial carpet cleaning and upkeep.


This program places great emphasis on residential techniques in addition to light industrial maintenance of textile flooring. Primarily suitable for students who specialize in providing services to homeowners, the CCT program also offers a glimpse at commercial applications in an effort to provide students with a well-rounded instructional experience. This 2-day class teaches skills such as fiber identification, styles and finishes, soiling conditions, and more.

CCMT and CCT courses are entry level classes that must be attended in person
. These courses are not available online, as the IICRC only approves continuing education courses for online or distance learning options. Both certification programs consist of 14 hours of classroom instruction over two days. Exams are given immediately upon conclusion of the course. Students who fail the test or for whatever reason are unable to take it at the end of classroom instructions must contact an exam monitor in their area and take (or retake) the exam within 90 days following the course.

Either of these two classes are a prerequisite for advanced certification programs leading to IICRC designations such as Journeyman/Master Textile Cleaner, Journeyman/Master Fire & Smoke Restorer, and Journeyman/Master Water Restorer. Prospective students can visit the IICRC website for class schedules and locations, as well as details on curricula and course descriptions.

IICRC certification can have long-lasting benefits for program graduates. Documented education and training help technicians (and firms) build rapport with existing and prospective clients. IICRC certified technicians rise above the crowd of competitors by means of proven and certified knowledge, professionalism, and trustworthiness. Graduates have earned the right to display the CleanTrust™ logo, a symbol consumers associate with the highest of ethical and proficiency standards.

The IICRC offers a companion booklet to assist both residential and industrial carpet cleaning professionals as they perform their daily jobs. The 2011 IICRC S100 Standard and Reference Guide is a book that contains detailed information for on-the-job review and guidance, and addresses practical issues that may arise in the field. The IICRC S100 can be ordered online at the IICRC website.

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