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Locating A Water Damage Restoration Technician Course

Textile maintenance professionals that want to improve their versatility in the industry should consider taking a water damage restoration technician course. This class, offered by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, covers the latest techniques for recovering materials exposed to liquids. The IICRC is the best agency to approach for this, as it is responsible for making sure that its registrants only use best practices when servicing a home or business owner. This is a mandatory class for businesses that want advanced designations in this industry.

Even though the IICRC doesn’t have any instructors of its own, the organization has institute-sponsored teachers all around the country. These instructors should be IICRC-approved and be experienced enough to effectively teach the water damage restoration technician course. This makes it convenient to locate and attend a class because a student won’t have to travel far to learn. The IICRC is considered the most important oversight organization for this industry in the U.S., as it is a non-profit group dedicated to linking businesses and consumers together.

Students can typically expect to spend three days learning the material, and they will have to take a written examination following the end of the class. During these three days, the instructor will show the professional how to properly identify materials exposed to liquids. The student will be shown the most effective techniques for drying structures and textiles affected by exposure. Before the class is done, the instructor will show the student how to handle flooded structures, sewer backflows, and microbial contamination. Every professional in the industry must know how to spot and neutralize mold and bacteria as soon as possible, because these agents represent a major health hazard to the workers and building’s occupants. A water damage restoration technician course shows the best methods for eliminating these microscopic pests.

Any business that offers this service must be up to date on how to deal with these hazards. Mold can start growing in as little as 24 hours if the material is soaked. If aggressive and targeted measures aren’t taken to neutralize it, the mold can quickly compromise the building. Without an IICRC water damage restoration technician course, the professional may leave a major health risk alive in the building. Once people move back into the home, they may be exposed to this hazard. The business could possibly be held liable if the home’s occupants are harmed by molds left over by the liquids.

A consumer that needs help dealing with flood or sewer damage will likely not have a lot of time to make a decision on a professional. Companies that pass a water damage restoration technician course and apply to become a certified firm with the IICRC will stand out. These businesses receive the Cleantrust mark from the IICRC, which shows consumers that the professional is up to date on his or her knowledge in the field. The company will also be listed in the IICRC’s database, making it easy for customers in the area to locate and contact them. With enough experience and additional classwork in the water restorer track, the business can achieve advanced designations and possibly become an instructor for other IICRC-approved schools.

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