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Learning From The Carpet Cleaning Institute Of America

The leading carpet cleaning institute of America is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and for good reason. Not every technician agrees on the responsibilities of an industry organization, but the most reputable ones provide training courses and opportunities for professionals to network and advance themselves in the field. The IICRC considers technician education and advancement to be its central mission, as this improves the reputation of the industry and, by extension, its health. To achieve this goal, the IICRC has improved on its curriculum over the decades, incorporating the newest technologies and treatment methods into its practices. The result is a body of knowledge unmatched by any other organization in the industry.

What kind of resources can the IICRC offer to technicians?

As the leading carpet cleaning institute of America and the world, the IICRC can aid a professional at any point in their career. For technicians new to the industry, the IICRC’s fundamental flooring treatment course, the CCT (carpet cleaning technician), will get them started on the right foot. The CCT teaches a number of important treatment concepts, helping professionals identify various work settings and learn how to adapt to them. Professionals who complete the CCT will be ready to acquire on the job experience and get their career started.

Experienced professionals may want to expand their skills into other areas, and the IICRC can help with that too. Whether the professional wishes to learn how to restore water or fire damage, repair flooring, restore color or remove odors, or some other skills, the IICRC has a course for it. The IICRC also links technicians to a variety of continuing education courses online, taught by the IICRC’s network of approved schools.

Continuing education courses are especially useful for firm owners, who have more than just service to worry about. As the foremost carpet cleaning institute of America, the IICRC is also committed to helping firm owners learn the art of business and improve the back-end of their service. Courses that relate marketing, website creation, public relations, and pricing are all available, and can give a firm owner the head start they need to make smart business decisions.

What kind of services does the IICRC offer to consumers?

The IICRC wants this industry to be as well represented as possible, so it produces a lot of informational material for consumers. The IICRC also maintains some of the most rigorous ethical standards in the world, and all of its registrants are required to follow these standards to the letter. The IICRC also maintains a database for consumers to search through and is constantly pushing firms into adopting better technology. The effects may be hard to see from firm to firm, but the IICRC’s influence has helped craft a more trustworthy, professional, and talented industry.

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