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International Updates June 2014

International Updates

IICRC Asia Pacific

IICRC Oceania is pleased to announce that they will now be called IICRC Asia Pacific, and will be covering the entire region for technicians and Certified Firms.

International Updates - IICRC Asia Pacific Jena Dyco Mould ConferenceThis announcement has timed well with a busy period for IICRC Asia Pacific, who attended Clean NZ (May 28-29) and the Jena Dyco Mould Conference (May 29-30). Both events were a huge success. At Clean NZ, IICRC Asia Pacific had a chance to catch up with a number of registrants and received fantastic feedback on the new Technician Journal. IICRC Asia Pacific had the opportunity to speak at the Jena Dyco Conference to provide registrants with an update on IICRC’s achievements within Asia Pacific, international progress including the building of the new IICRC headquarters and the development of new industry standards.IICRC International Updates - Asia Pacific Jena Dyco Mould Conference - June 2014 Newsletter It was a well-attended event – even IICRC board member, Joseph Hughes, flew over from the States to be there - and provided IICRC Asia Pacific with the chance to network with a number of industry leaders.

June saw IICRC on the road again at the Network Restorers conference in the Gold Coast region of Australia from June 12-14. The conference theme “Raise the Sales” influenced an educational agenda focused on building a sales program. IICRC once again provided an update on the developments for Asia Pacific and internationally, and received a lot of interest from delegates in the new standards.

IICRC Asia Pacific will next be seen at AusClean in Sydney in October. We hope to see you there!

At the European office of the IICRC we have been working hard to understand, streamline and develop the services we provide to all registrants and certified firms. Over the last few months we are delighted to be in a position to say that good progress has been made. With the support of the head office, the Asia Pacific branch and particularly Jenny Boymal (International Vice President) we have worked on the development of new data recording systems that will soon have the effect of improving efficiency and speeding our ability to communicate effectively with the firms and individuals that use and support the IICRC.

We are also delighted to announce that a decision has been made by the IICRC Board to allow examination papers to be marked and processed here in Europe. This will result in a marked

reduction in the time that registrants have to wait for what are always eagerly anticipated results. Renewal certificates, identification cards and other important functions will also be handled closer to registrants and will give improvements to the response times and efficiency of the IICRC.

Earlier this year, we hosted a meeting of the key training partners. The meeting helped us understand what is needed to enhance and support the needs of both the training schools and students who work hard to achieve qualification.

In May, the IICRC UK exhibited at Interclean. This provided a great opportunity for us to promote the values of the IICRC, its standards and the learning and qualification opportunities that are available. Members of the team, including IICRC Chairman Tony Wheelwright, were highlighted the values and strengths of IICRC registrants and certified firms. Exhibiting at Interclean also presented a fantastic opportunity to gather information and point the spotlight at the work and achievements of the IICRC.

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