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Instructor Recognitions

IICRC Instructor Recognition and Thanks

The IICRC would like to recognize several key leaders within the industry and honor them for their outstanding leadership and contribution to the Institute.

During the recent IICRC fall meetings in late October, the Institute presented Joe Dobbins with the 2015 Ironman award. The Ironman award goes to the individual who has taught the most courses within the previous year. Tony Macaluso was awarded second place and Carey Vermeulen third.

The following IICRC instructors will also be awarded with service pins in recognition for their years of service: For forty years: Michael West; 25 years: Barry Costa and Steve Poulos; 20 years: Doug Heiferman, Craig Jasper, James Tole and William Weigand; 15 years: Kenichi Ando, Shawn Bisaillon, Patrick Dooley, Richard Driscoll, Darren Hudema and Ronald Valega; 10 years: Richard Bodo, Bryan Brainerd, Dale Dohner, Ben Garcia, Joshua Gruenbaum, Jessika James, Adam Jankowski, Pat Muller and Mark Wichern; five years: Michael Britton, Jon Firari, Patrick Moffett, Michael Morrow, Tsuyoshi Takano, Jason Twigg and Matthew Wilson; and for one year: Kenji Eguchi, Kazunori Imamura, Kenneth Rodgers, Brian Seale and Brady Wilson.

“Our instructors are the lifeblood of the Institute,” said IICRC Chairman Pete Duncanson. “Without these individuals and the vast expertise they present, our industry would not be what it is today.”

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