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Information For Carpet Cleaning Certification In Michigan

Professionals that want to take their career to another level can find several carpet cleaning certification classes in Michigan, offered through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). In the past, education and training weren’t considered major priorities by most homeowners, but that mindset is no longer common. Now, home and business owners expect their technicians to be knowledgeable of current treatment methods. The IICRC can help a professional in both areas, improving their grasp of industry concepts and giving them a strong foundation to build off of.

Where are carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan available?

Unsurprisingly, IICRC courses are generally found below the bridge, close to major urban areas. Novi and Berkeley, two townships in the Detroit area, are frequent sites for IICRC courses. IICRC courses are also commonly available in the Grand Rapids area, so interested technicians can generally find a class within a few hundred miles. Technicians in the Upper Peninsula area may consider traveling to Milwaukee or Green Bay to attend a course.

What do carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan consist of?

IICRC classes are taught through approved schools, so there is not a central location to attend. However, every school is required to uphold the IICRC’s ethical and practicing standards, which are considerable. So, by the time a professional finishes the course, they will have been introduced to the best standards in the industry. The IICRC’s primary course, the CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician), is taught using the institute’s S100 standards, which provide a detailed approach to the latest methods and equipment. The S100 is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as the best the industry has to offer, which is a major accolade.

The CCT is taught over two days, for a total of 14 hours of instruction time. During the CCT, students will first learn how to identify the most common fiber types they are likely to encounter while on the job. They will then learn how to treat each fiber type safely and effectively. This is generally done while adhering to the five pillars approach to treatment – which consists of dry soil removal, soil suspension, suspended soil removal, grooming, and drying. Once a professional has these five processes down, they can tackle most jobs.

Students will also see the newest equipment and treatment substances in action while taking carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan. This will show professionals the benefits of new technology and give them the knowledge needed to use the technology appropriately. One of the problems that treatment firms have is their reluctance to adopt new and better technologies. The CCT will give students better perspective in this area.

Once a student completes the CCT course, they will have to test their skills to become an IICRC registrant. Once they pass the exam, they will have a strong starting point from which to start their career. But professionals of any skill level can benefit from carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan, as they can give technicians insight into treatment methods they may not have considered before. For professionals interested in providing superior service, every piece of knowledge is valuable.

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