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Information About A Water Restoration Course

For a technician, a water restoration course is an extremely important class to consider taking because it results in an invaluable skillset. This particular skillset is needed because moisture damage can cause a lot of serious problems if not attended to properly, such as mold growth, warped flooring, moisture-logged belongings, and possibly even severe health concerns. While this class is, in most eyes, a necessity, not just any old program will do. An IICRC-certified class is the way to go because it equips students with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to do an effective job on any and all water-damage related emergencies.

What a Technician Will Learn In the Course

The IICRC’s WRT, or water damage restoration technician course is designed to teach technicians who perform remediation work the latest techniques and methods to help them form a better concept of water damage and effective techniques to dry and save structures from serious damage. The class makes sure to cover both residential and commercial maintenance backgrounds, so personnel of both fields will understand exactly how to handle the different, but necessary procedures to deal with sewer backflows, contaminations, and water losses. The class itself is three days long, and approximately 19 hours, offering an intensive educational experience.

Benefits of the Class

A typical remediation technician should be equipped with a set of skills to handle any and all problems that may arise in a residential or commercial settings. When a qualified technician is hired, they’ll know how to do the following:

  • Mold Remediation and Removal
  • Structural Drying Techniques (that save the structural integrity of a building)
  • Handle Sewer Backflows (and how to safely handle the contaminates that come with them)
  • How to Restore Severe Water Loss

Why Certification in This Area is Important

Many people don’t realize how dangerous water damage can be in a home or office. The biggest threat that comes from it is the growth of contaminates like mold, but there are other problems they should look out for as well. When people who are not certified in this area, it can be very dangerous to handle these things. They may inhale mold spores which can result in health problems such as asthma and some cancers, they may damage the structural integrity of the building, or they may miss pieces of rotten wood and flooring that should be removed immediately. Since this type of damage is so tricky and potentially dangerous, none but the most qualified technicians should handle them.

With this in mind, a water restoration course from an IICRC-approved school can do a world of good for different businesses and homes by bringing them back to their former glory after an emergency. After this course, technicians will be prepared to handle everything from the fallout after an overflowing toilet, to a bursting water pipe and the ensuing damage.

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