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Information About Mold Remediation Courses In Texas

Before a technician can begin work in the Lone Star State, they have to complete mold remediation courses, either in Texas or elsewhere. Since the mid-2000s, states have taken the fungal threat more seriously, and building practices have made it much more of a problem than it used to be. Today’s energy efficient homes tend to trap moisture, and because homes are now built at unprecedented speed, the new building’s components often haven’t had time to dry out. Both of these factors, along with a steady dose of serious subtropical storms, have resulted in an explosion in fungal growth, and nowhere is the issue more imminent than along the Gulf Coast. It’s no surprise, then, that coastal states are taking the lead on developing regulations for fungal inspection and removal experts. If a technician wants to remain in the industry and perform their job at a high level, they will need to undergo extensive training.

Where are the IICRC’s mold remediation courses in Texas?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is one of a few organizations trusted by the state to train professionals in fungal removal and inspection. The IICRC offers a pair of classes based on its own standards, several online classes developed by industry experts, and a rigorous exam that demonstrates mastery of the industry’s advanced concepts.

The two classes are the Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) class and the Advanced Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) class. Both are guided by the IICRC’s S520 standards guide, which addresses how to manage work sites compromised by fungal contamination and how to approach removal. During the WRT, students will learn how to secure and restore homes and businesses that have been damaged by sewage backflows, floods, and other water losses. The WRT addresses some basic fungal removal concepts, though technicians interested in the industry will need to move on to the AMRT. The AMRT focuses heavily on removing contaminants and pathogens left behind by sewage and water damage. It’s an advanced class and requires knowledge of water damage restoration concepts to complete.

Once a technician has attained a year of experience in the industry and has undergone extensive training, they can verify their skills through the IICRC’s Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) exam. The MRS exam is a highly advanced test that will challenge the technician on all of their skills. Those that pass it will satisfy certification requirements in most areas, though education and experience are both essential components of certification in Texas as well.

Where can a technician take the IICRC’s mold remediation courses in Texas?

The IICRC teaches its classes through dozens of approved schools around the world, several of which are located in the state. In general, these classes are taught in major cities, including Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth and Corpus Christi.

These classes are offered year round, so a technician never has to wait long, nor travel far to kick their education in high gear.

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