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IICRCA Update October Newsletter

October 2014 IICRCA Update
by Bryan O’Haleck, IICRCA Chairman

The IICRCA is the International Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Council of Associations.

That’s a mouthful; what does it mean? The Council of Associations (Association) is a partnership of 20+ industry organizations. Those organizations represent members involved in the business of providing inspection, cleaning and restoration services and supplies. Each is charged with helping their individual members succeed, and in turn, the Association is charged with helping the member organizations succeed.

The greatness of the Association is its diversity, as the member organizations include national associations, regional associations, associations that have a singular purpose and franchisors that represent hundreds of franchisees.

Given this diversity, we’re developing an equally diverse set of programs for our member association’s benefit. Some of the programs will also directly benefit the individual or member firm of our partner organizations.

To begin with, we’re working on the Biz Unite program of discounted products and services, and a health insurance program that promises similar savings on health insurance.

We’re building a web/mobile/social media presence that will make it simple to know what’s going on in our connected industries, and will be able to offer this as a service to our member organizations. It will cost a few dollars, but will look like a million.

We’re building partnership conferences and trade shows that will not only feature solid information, but will be new, different, exciting and fun.  The associations will be featured in a way that lets the non-member company owner see what membership in our partner associations can do for them.

And, just like the greatest part of attending industry functions can be the contacts made, members of the Association will be in closer contact than they would be without the Association and can continue to find ways to cut costs, increase efficiencies, improve benefits for our individual members and find many other ways to partner for our mutual benefit.

I’ll tease you with the dates of our first event – May 6-8, 2015.  We’ll post what we can on our current site, but look for more information at as we get our new site up and running.

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