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IICRCA Update June 2014

IICRCA June Update
The IICRCA Executive Committee recently met in the Global Resource Center (GRC) in Las Vegas to identify and prioritize action items. They managed to accomplish a few things as well.

For starters, the headquarters building will be shared by both the Institute and the Association. The Association has offered to manage the schedule of events held at the GRC, both to minimize costs associated with board meetings, and to maximize the potential financial return to the organization.

The Association has also begun to search for an executive director, as the scope of work it is taking on will require both professional expertise and staffing to accomplish. Candidates may apply at  

The Association is taking on the task of providing benefits to Certified Firm members. Soon, all Certified Firms will begin receiving mailings about the member discount buying program. The program isn’t new, but the IICRCA is building a much easier way to learn about and utilize the program. For those who wanted an online community that would offer member generated (trustworthy) information, the Certified Firm Discussion Board is up and running.

The IICRCA is currently assessing options for a conference and trade show. Members want a conference with high-quality presentations, and suppliers want a first-quality venue to show off their products and services. The Association is looking at sharing a venue with an industry partner to quickly get an event on the calendar. Another option being considered is to hold a smaller introductory event to prepare for a really big event. Details soon!

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