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IICRC Photo Contest

IICRC Photo Contest Winners Are…

Congratulations to the winners of our first-ever photo contest!

Selected by a panel of judges consisting of representatives from the IICRC marketing committee and other Institute leaders, the winning entries will receive a $25 gift certificate to

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Pamela Villagomez of Leather Solutions Int'l in Asheboro, N.C.

IICRC Photo Contest - Leather Before IICRC Photo Contest - Leather After

Before: Urine stain on an aniline leather cushion.

After: Casing was removed from the cushion and soaked in a bucket of water for 24 hours. The leather casing was then removed and hung to dry before it was placed in a dryer to mill the leather – similar to the process a tannery uses to prepare the skin of the cow during the tanning process.


Dave Franz of Abbra Carpet Cleaning and Restoration in Forest Lake, Minn.

IICRC Photo Contest - Carpet Before & After Carpet Before: Residential living room carpet extremely dirty from two dogs and three kids. 

After: Ultrapac Trafficlean Pre-Spray, Dry Slurry and Prochem Apex. The 200 sq. ft. room was cleaned with a Prochem wand at a slow pace and a good vacuum stroke.


Mike Sherban of ServiceMASTER Restore of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada

IICRC Photo Contest - Construction Site Before IICRC Photo Contest - Construction Site After

Before: Loss was a structural collapse of a truck fill station with adjacent train yard.

After: Removal of all debris on an emergency basis to get to the main pilings to inspect and allow for insurance company causal.


Brian Mitchell of FRSTeam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration, Inc. in Parma, Ohio

IICRC Photo Contest - Teddy Bear Before & After Before: Teddy bear thought by the insured company to be a total loss item.

After: Because it meant so much to the child, they allowed us the opportunity to attempt to salvage it. The insured was greatly pleased that we were not only able to remove the smoke odor but we were also able to remove nearly any evidence that the teddy bear was ever even in a fire loss.



in Annapolis, Md.

IICRC Photo Contest - Upholstery Cleaning Before: Heavily soiled cotton blend sofa

After: Pre-sprayed with Prochem Fine Fabric Pre-Spray. Steam-rinsed with upholstery tool. PSI set at 300, and at 180 degrees.

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