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IICRC Newsletter August MRS In Florida

IICRC Exam Now Accepted for Licensure in Florida

The IICRC Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) certification exam is now accepted for applicants seeking mold remediation licensure in the state of Florida.

The MRS program is the IICRC’s first stand-alone, single-exam certification and recognizes professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a variety of duties, including: performing mold remediation for structures and contents, controlling pressure differentials, designing and implementing remediation processes and recognizing conditions conducive to mold growth.

“This approval validates the integrity and high quality of the MRS program and further advances the IICRC curriculum and certification as an industry-leading resource for those looking to become specialists in the cleaning and restoration industry,” said Scott Armour, Chairman of the IICRC’s MRS certification program. “We anticipate Florida will be the first of many states to adopt our exam and certification program for licensure requirements.”

In wet or humid climates like Florida, mold growth and contamination is a serious problem in buildings. Working with IICRC MRS-certified mold removal contractors helps to assure quality remediation, which is the goal of the state licensing requirement. Consumers can use this certification as a qualification when selecting a contractor in any state and any country—not just Florida.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that Florida has adopted the MRS curriculum into its mold remediation license program,” added Armour. “Mold contamination in buildings is an issue throughout the state, so including this exam as an acceptable license requirement will help protect the health of all Floridians.”  

Though the MRS Certification Program does not require classroom training, IICRC has training courses in the mold industry available to help prepare contractors and workers for the MRS certification exam in the U.S., Canada and throughout other global locations. Proper remediation of mold contamination is a very important step toward improving occupant health and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Within the new guidelines, candidates who pass the MRS examination will still need to meet the experience requirements listed in 468.8413, Florida statutes in order to be licensed as mold remediators in Florida. This initiative will encourage broader acceptance of IICRC certification by other states pursuing or requiring licensing requirements, such as Texas, Virginia and Kentucky.

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