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An IICRC Cleaning Brochure Is An Effective Way To Get Business

Service providers in the industry have found that offering an IICRC Cleaning Brochure for their client’s perusal is a low-cost yet effective way to drive business.

The pamphlet introduces the customer to the IICRC, the organization’s purpose, and its mission
. By extension, it lends credibility to the IICRC-certified service provider, backing the professional’s performance, ethics and education.

The IICRC Cleaning Brochure is a visually pleasing, tri-fold leaflet designed predominantly in the organization’s colors of blue and green. The IICRC logo is prominently featured on nearly every page of the pamphlet, creating brand awareness in the consumer. By familiarizing the customer with the IICRC brand and logo, the certified service provider’s CleanTrust patch will likely be associated with trustworthiness and quality performance -- the two factors consumers place the highest value on when choosing a service provider.

Operating with the tagline “Where professionals find training. And consumers find peace of mind,” the IICRC Cleaning Brochure delivers a concise, easy to understand summary of the organization’s role as the industry’s certifying and standard-setting body. The leaflet also encourages consumers to look for the CleanTrust logo when hiring a service provider as a sign of proper education. It lifts IICRC-certified professionals above the crowd by endorsing and essentially advertising their superior services. The leaflet further assures consumers that IICRC-certified professionals carry necessary insurance and that their services are under guarantee.

The pamphlet also describes in detail why the services of an IICRC-certified professional are critical to the longevity, appearance and cleanliness of floor coverings such as carpet and hard surfaces, as well as textiles and upholstery. The IICRC Cleaning Brochure stresses the certified provider’s ability to properly restore, treat and beautify any type of flooring or upholstery thanks to advanced competency, experience and the availability of professional tools. The unique skills of certified service providers who specialize in color restoration or deodorizing carpets are also highlighted in the pamphlet, assuring potential customers that their proficiency and techniques are diverse, and the results above par.

The IICRC leaflet emphasizes the organization’s partnership with certified professionals by directing consumers in search of trained service providers to its website. There, potential customers can search a database of CleanTrust technicians with the desired certification(s) in their area. This is yet another way in which IICRC shows its support for members and helps bring customers to the door of certified professionals.

The IICRC Cleaning Brochure is no doubt a useful yet affordable marketing tool for certified professionals
. The leaflet may very well influence the decision making of indecisive consumers who are overwhelmed by choosing from a large selection of candidates for the job. The brochure also simplifies and substantiates the service provider’s task of explaining his credentials to the consumer when asked, acting as a black-and-white supplement to the technician’s verbal articulation.

Certified professionals are encouraged to display the pamphlets at their place of business and bring them along on service calls to further enhance exposure for IICRC and its accredited technicians and firms. A digital version can also be incorporated on company websites. The brochures can be ordered at the IICRC website in sets of 100.

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