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IICRC 2017 Awards

During the IICRC’s fall meetings, the winners of the longstanding Ironman Awards were announced.

The Ironmen Awards consist of two awards: one for the individual who has taught the most approved classes in the previous year; and one for the individual who taught the most students in the previous year.  

The 2017 Ironman Award winner for the most approved classes taught went to Joe Dobbins with 55 classes taught, and the 2017 Ironman Award winner for the most students taught went to Barry Costa who taught 1083 students in the previous year.

A series of fun awards were also handed out to several key leaders within the industry as thanks for their outstanding leadership and contribution to the IICRC. They include:

  • Hard Surfaces Café Award for the volunteer that keeps coming back for more – Dennis Blake. As the head of the GRC’s Building Committee, Dennis is a frequent visitor during the ongoing remodel.
  • Nevada Sunshine Award for bringing the most floor covering tiles to the GRC – Stan Stan Hulin. Stan is the RFMT TAC Chair and has taught classes in the GRC warehouse, not to mention he held the RFMT revision meeting at the GRC.
  • Viva Las Vegas Award for the instructor who taught the most classes at the GRC – Mike Sciullo.
  • Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Award for the most positive attitude – David Hodge. David also hails from Arizona and brings its sunshine with him to the GRC.
  • Ranger Award for the countless hours of volunteer work and dedication – Jeff Bishiop. Jeff has served as an integral part of the self-management transition.

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