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How Should Carpet Removal Be Handled?

When is carpet removal a smart choice?

Soiled, stained or aged carpeting is an eyesore and can ruin the look of a room, no matter how well it comes together. Eventually, this type of flooring will deteriorate to the point where a thorough cleaning won’t be able to restore its look. Removing the old carpet is necessary before installing new carpet, hardwood, tile or vinyl.

What is the process for carpet removal?

Before ripping up the carpet, cut out a small square and see what’s under it. In older homes, there may be hardwood underneath, and many homeowners prefer this to other types of flooring. In some cases, another layer of older carpet may be hidden under the top layer, and this will need to be removed as well.

The flooring should be vacuumed before beginning, as this will keep dust from being kicked up during the process. Wearing a dust mask, work gloves, and a pair of work shoes is important as they will offer protection against sharp tacks and debris.

First, pull the flooring away from the walls and roll it up. Cutting it up and separating it into several rolls will make it easier to carry. In most cases, it will also be necessary to dispose of the padding under the flooring. If the flooring has been stained or damaged with liquid, the padding will likely also be destroyed.

The subflooring, commonly made from plywood, rests under the padding and may need work before it can take on new flooring. Any staples left behind by the padding will need to be pulled out as they will interfere with the installation. During this part of the process, it is best to walk around the subfloor and locate any squeaky or unstable areas. If there are any, driving deep nails or screws into them will firm up the subfloor.

Sometimes, taking out the tackless strips is also necessary, especially if they are rusted over. However, this may not be needed if new carpet will be used to replace the old.

What is the advantage of hiring a professional for carpet removal?

A professional will speed up the process considerably and handle its physical demands. It’s also best to have a professional on hand if the flooring is difficult to remove or if the padding has been secured by something other than staples. For an untrained person, dealing with either situation is especially tough. A professional can also detect significant damage to the subfloor, which will need repair before the new installation. A professional can also set up the room for a new installation, preserving the salvageable parts of the floor. When looking for a professional, a homeowner should focus on technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

What other services can an IICRC-certified professional handle?

IICRC-certified professionals can eliminate color damage, odors, and repair or install new flooring, whether it is carpet, wood, tile, vinyl or another material.

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