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How To Be Prepared With A Carpet Cleaning Business For Sale

When looking for a carpet cleaning business for sale, what pitfalls should a buyer watch out for?

One essential thing to look at when purchasing a business is its finances.  Inaccurate record keeping is a common problem in the industry, and this can leave the new owner in the dark when projecting expenses or profit. It may not appear like a major concern, but being able to properly price textile treatment services is an important skill. One thing a new owner should consider is if the prices need to be changed.

It’s also helpful to purchase a business that already has a presence among consumers in the area, which is why many people decide to buy a franchise. Franchising fees are fairly high in the industry, though, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 on average.

What can improve a buyer’s chances of running a successful carpet cleaning business that’s for sale?

Training is an essential component of maintaining a successful textile treatment company and is something that every technician and professional in the industry should consider. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the industry leader in providing training to technicians and has certified tens of thousands of professionals. A new owner armed with this training will have all of the tools necessary to get started.

After buying a carpet cleaning business that’s for sale, what training should the new owner consider?

The IICRC’s CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician) class is the foundation for the entire institute’s training and should be the first one that the new owner considers. During the CCT training, students will learn how to identify different types of flooring and how to handle a variety of soiling conditions. Students will be introduced to the latest equipment and treatment solutions that the industry uses. This training is important for learning how to provide excellent service to home and business owners and can also help a new owner determine pricing for services.

The CCT class takes just a couple days to complete and involves hands on experience. Professionals can also take advantage of IICRC’s other training courses, including textile repair, upholstery treatment or water and fire restoration, among others.

What are the benefits of this training?

Consumer studies are clear that certification is critical when deciding which professional to hire. Certification through the IICRC can help a company build a strong reputation of expertise, which is important for building clientele. Once certified, a professional is listed in the IICRC’s database, a resource used by consumers to find local companies.

Also, the owner can benefit greatly from the IICRC’s resources and continuing education. Many of these courses address aspects of running a successful business, so they can be extremely helpful to owners. In all, the IICRC is a valuable ally to professionals and company owners in the industry, making the transition into owning a textile treatment company much easier.

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