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How To Obtain A Carpet Cleaning Technician Certification

Carpet cleaning technician certification used to be considered excessive, but times are changing for members of the industry. Consumers are starting to demand more from the professionals they hire, and simply having experience typically isn’t enough anymore. This is understandable, because an industry that doesn’t uniformly train its members won’t be able to provide uniform service. Experienced firms may believe that they can get by with an established client base, but as they move away or move on to other services, new client acquisition will be essential. And consumers will ask about training and education when looking around for a service to use.

Where can a professional receive carpet cleaning technician certification?

There are several industry organizations that train professionals, but the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has been doing it for decades. The focus of its training has changed greatly since the organization was founded, but its mission to improve the level of knowledge in the industry remains unchanged. That’s why the IICRC has built up a presence around the globe and now counts more than 50,000 registrants among its ranks.

Before a professional can become an IICRC registrant, though, they have to attend a class taught by an approved school. Most industry organizations are confined geographically and can only offer their curriculum nearby. The IICRC instead handles its classes through approved schools located around the nation and the globe. The IICRC only brings on instructors who have agreed to uphold the IICRC’s ethical and professional standards, and certified instructors must remain in good standing by furthering their education regularly. This means that when a professional learns from an approved instructor, they can be confident that they are learning from one of the industry’s best. And because they are found all over the country, a professional doesn’t have to go far to further their education. In fact, there are IICRC-approved schools in just about every major city in the U.S., so training is highly convenient.

What are the benefits of attaining carpet cleaning technician certification?

Of course, the most important perk of IICRC training are the skills that come with the classes. If a professional wants to remain in the industry for long, they will have to provide quality service. The IICRC can help a professional build the knowledge foundation needed to provide this level of service. It doesn’t take the place of job experience, but it is an essential component of a professional’s capabilities.

To some extent, though, training through the IICRC is an image thing. If a professional can communicate to a potential client that they have sought coursework through the world’s most respected industry organization, it will be much easier to acquire new business. The IICRC also maintains a locator database that consumers can use to find professionals near them, so it’s possible that a registrant can pick up new clients this way as well.

The confidence such training can provide cannot be undersold either, as it can give a professional the fuel they need to work harder, better, and smarter.

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