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How To Obtain A Carpet Cleaning Certification Through IICRC

Attaining carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC is something that any industry professional can do, regardless of their experience in the field. It takes a little work, but people in the industry are used to hard work, so technicians will be up for the challenge attaining certification. In general, the process only takes a couple weeks to complete, though extensive industry experience will be needed if a professional wants to attain advanced designations through the organization. Still, becoming a registrant is designed to be as convenient as possible for a professional to handle, and it starts with the institute’s coursework.

How can a professional secure carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC?

To become a registrant, a professional must first complete one of the institute’s courses and prove their skills through a rigorous test. The organization’s courses are taught through one of dozens of approved schools, located all over the world. Every approved school has its own course schedule, so a professional will need to locate a school near them and determine the best time for classwork. The institute’s website maintains a listing of active schools, and most publish their schedules online.

Once a technician is enrolled in a class, they won’t have to do a thing until the course starts. In most parts of the country, a short drive will be needed. Professionals will need to determine their housing situation for the couple days they will be in town for training, but professionals are expected to show up with little other than their willingness to learn.

The organization’s primary course, the Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT), is taught over two days and addresses a variety of fundamental concepts. They include fabric and soil identification, and the five pillars of treatment. During the five pillars, students will learn how to remove dry soils and suspend matted soils and remove them, dry the fabric, and groom it. This is taught with the use of the most modern equipment and methods available in the industry, so students will be prepared to adapt the best practices available as they transition into the field.

Once a student has completed the CCT, they will need to complete an exam that proves their skills, and then apply for carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC. This process is fairly quick, and once a professional is accepted, they can make use of the Institute’s other resources. Registrants are expected to attain a couple continuing education credits every year to remain in good standing with the organization, and this can be handled through the Institute’s online continuing education courses.

With registration, a professional will find it easier to network with other technicians, join other trade groups, and attain additional clientele. In short, it offers benefits that can greatly improve a professional’s chances at future success.

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