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How To Learn The Carpet Cleaning Business

The IICRC or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification can help an individual learn the carpet cleaning business. This respected organization has set the standards in the business, and their approved schools are able to instruct technicians and firm owners in everything from various methods, applications, and the back-end office workings.

How can someone learn about the carpet cleaning business?

If they want to become a carpet cleaning technician, attending a course program through an IICRC-approved school is the best place to start. The IICRC does not have a formal campus or campuses, but rather to meet the needs of its technicians and firms they have approved schools and instructors throughout the US and the world. The instructors have demonstrated complete knowledge of the industry and the IICRC’s standards, and are approved by the board of directors. So whether a technician wants to learn the basics, or a firm owner wants to learn more about effectively running their business, there is a course for that.

What course might someone want to take when they wish to learn the carpet cleaning business?

The best place to start would be with the Basic Skills Program. This program is for someone who has not yet received certification through the IICRC but wants to learn the basics. Upon completion of the course and passing the corresponding exam, the participant will receive a document of achievement, and this opens up the door for the certification process.

Once the Basic Skills Program is complete, what would be the next course to take?

The Carpet Cleaning Technician course (CCT) is a prerequisite to nearly every other certification program, so it would naturally be the next step. If someone wants to learn the carpet cleaning business, they will need to be able to determine various fiber types, soiling conditions, and the manufacturing of various carpeting types. With this valuable knowledge, they will learn practical application and the latest methods. This will be paired with the opportunity to demonstrate the techniques to ensure that core competencies are learned, and the application is correct. The CCT is a two-day, 14-hour course.

Another course that would prove to be vital is the CCMT, or Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician. This course is for people who plan to service and maintain carpet in commercial facilities. This is also a two-day, 14-hour course that will teach the technician basic fiber construction, methods, and safety processes. They will also have the ability to maintain, prevent, and restore fibers in these high-traffic facilities.

How can the IICRC help someone learn the office portion of a carpet cleaning business?

They help with all the technician training, marketing, office support, as well as being a firm listed on the IICRC’s website. The Institute’s website gives a list of local providers that are IICRC-certified. This gives a potential customer the confidence that the firm they are hiring is not only manned by professionals that know the industry well, but will get the job done right the first time.  

The IICRC also offers continuing education. As technology continues to change the world around us, it has also affected the way carpet fibers are created and effectively cleaned. The IICRC stays on top of that technology and offers various courses to help the technician and firm owner stay ahead of their competition.

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