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How To Learn The Carpet Cleaning Business

A technician who wants to learn the carpet cleaning business can do so easily by taking courses accredited by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. Over the last decades, the IICRC has worked to establish the standards and best practices in the field.

Instead of a central location, the IICRC uses dozens of approved schools in the U.S. and around the world to teach courses which meet the institution’s standards. These schools utilize approved instructors and the classes they teach can be found online through the organization’s site. A typical class takes two days to complete and a total of 14 hours of instruction time. Once a person finishes the class, they have to prove their new found knowledge through a skills demonstration and examination.

More than 80% of consumers looking for a company to clean their textile flooring usually consider certification to be at least somewhat important to them. This is another reason a technician that wants to learn and succeed in the carpet cleaning business should strongly consider getting certified through the IICRC.

What courses are available for beginners to learn the carpet cleaning business?

The IICRC offers many certification courses from simple textile treatment to restoring water and fire damage. The most basic course is that of carpet cleaning technician, or CCT, course.  This class focuses on identifying the many materials, types, and finishes used in carpet textiles and the best methods of cleaning for each. Students are also exposed to a variety of soiling conditions and work settings.

The CCT course emphasizes the five principles of textile treatment, including the following:

•    soil suspension,
•    soil removal,
•    grooming,
•    water extraction, and
•    drying.

These are important concepts for technicians that want to learn the carpet cleaning business
. Once technicians finish this course, they will be ready to handle a variety of the problems they are likely to encounter on the job. Though the CCT course is largely concerned with residential applications, technicians will also be taught some principles behind commercial treatment.

In summary, the IICRC’s accredited courses, taught in many regions in the U.S. and around the world represent a foundation of knowledge that can be built on with other IICRC courses. Certification by IICRC is required for advanced designations that can help technicians improve their standing with their business locally. After successfully completing advanced courses and several years of experience in the industry, technicians can work toward master status, joining the most knowledgeable professionals in their field.

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