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How To Learn Carpet Cleaning

Before a technician can get started in the industry, they have to figure out how they are going to learn carpet cleaning. That may sound obvious, but many professionals believe they can pick up all the skills they need through work experience. While a technician will eventually figure out the basics this way, even the most attentive professional will have knowledge gaps if they don’t go through an organized training program. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can assist professionals who are new to the industry, or those professionals that feel they need an improved fundamental grasp of the field. With IICRC training, technicians of all skill levels will be better prepared to approach the job.

Why should a technician choose the IICRC when figuring out how to learn carpet cleaning?

There are a few organizations that offer training to treatment professionals, but none of them have the experience and infrastructure that the IICRC has. A lot of organizations are regional, which limits their ability to assist professionals outside of their area, but the IICRC is not limited geographically. It is, in fact, a global institute with a presence on multiple continents.

In the U.S., professionals can quickly get to an IICRC-approved school and start their training immediately. The IICRC is partnered with approved schools all over the country, and most major cities host IICRC classes from time to time. In most cases, these schools will advertise IICRC courses months in advance, so professionals can plan their travel arrangements well ahead of time.

But convenience is only a small part of what makes IICRC training superior. The IICRC offers a number of classes that cover a range of fields, but it’s most important and most popular class remains its Carpet Cleaning Technician course, or CCT. During the CCT, professionals are taught how several popular carpeting types are constructed and composed. Students are taught how to identify the fiber types so they will know what tools and methods to use for every job. And, of course, technicians are taught how to use modern equipment and methods for optimal treatment. Professionals are introduced to a variety of treatment techniques, such as hot water extraction and encapsulation. The CCT also addresses how to suspend and remove tough soils and stains, and how to dry and groom the carpet so it recovers properly from the process.

That’s a lot of valuable information, and it’s backed by the IICRC’s highly respected standards, which have been honed for decades. Following course completion and certification (including passing the exam), professionals can rest assured that they have the tools and knowledge to remain competitive in their field. And the technicians can apply their new skills immediately.

For professionals that need to know how to learn carpet cleaning, the IICRC is the perfect first step.

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