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How To Learn Carpet Cleaning

Ever wondered how to learn carpet cleaning? For someone considering starting their own business or wanting to switch careers, the realm of professional housework services offers many a new direction in life. In today’s world, many homes have carpeting in nearly every room in the house, and while this plush floor covering keeps feet warm, rooms quieter, and falling heads safer, it can get very dirty and unsanitary if not regularly maintained. This is where the services of professional flooring specialists come into play. Besides the time and labor involved with scrubbing, shampooing, drying and sanitizing carpet, there is a host of special, expensive equipment and supplies that the average person doesn’t normally want to invest in. Instead they hire a company whose sole goal is make those floors like new again! And there is a specific starting point when investigating how to learn carpet cleaning.

The IICRC, or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, is a wonderful place to begin researching how to learn carpet cleaning. It is not an association or union, but rather an organization that provides a level standard of education and certification for the industry. It oversees a whole range of preventative and restorative services, including fire and smoke renovation, hard surface (such as linoleum, wood, tile, masonry, and specialty floors like granite or marble) rejuvenating and maintenance, odor elimination, leather rejuvenation, mold eradication, water damage restoration, and upholstery revamping. The professionals certified through the IIRC are held to specific standards, are knowledgeable in the use of chemicals and other household agents, and have the proper equipment and attire for the job. The IICRC, though, is the certifying body; the real work of how to learn carpet cleaning comes through an IICRC-affiliated school, dozens of which are prominently listed on the IICRC website.

These schools come in all forms—including on-line and distance education—and provide a solid base of knowledge for professional cleaning, whether someone is thinking about going into business themselves or wanting to obtain or advance their position in a currently held job. This kind of training offers more than how to learn carpet cleaning. Though it sounds simple, doing the job thoroughly requires more than a scrubber and vacuum, especially if there are special circumstances involved, like fire or water damage, mold, or old or abandoned house renovation. Many times the person doing the job is dealing with super-potent chemicals and agents that require strict control and application, or more damage can be done. There are also situations that involve removing or sanitizing harmful substances, such as lead and asbestos, mold (particularly certain types), rodent droppings (which in sufficient quantity can cause a potentially deadly disease known as the hantavirus)—jobs like that require extreme caution and lots of training. And with things like allergies and household pests on the rise, it pays to have the most up-to-date and in-depth knowledge possible. Many of the IICRC-affiliated schools offer not just the courses to get rid of such nastiness, but also training for inspection and prevention as well.  The modern cleaning professional is not just a house-keeper, but a purveyor of healthier areas to live and do business in.

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