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How An Inspection Brochure Provides Understanding For Customers

Because of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) impeccable reputation, purchasing Inspection Brochures to hand out to potential customers makes sense. These come in packs of 100, and are ready for dispensing upon arrival. Many potential customers may not understand why being part of the IICRC is so important. However, once they have an Inspection Brochure in hand they will understand why they should go with an IICRC-approved company over any other.

Since people tend to jump straight to the internet for answers and research, it would make sense that even in cases where different assessments must take place, they would look there. Trying to decipher which company will make the best unbiased investigation can be hard for a customer to do on the internet. When a customer calls a company that is IICRC certified, it is imperative to make the customer aware of that accreditation. Handing them an Inspection Brochure upon arrival to the appointment will give them an understanding as to why this company should be chosen for the job.  

Each Inspection Brochure lists the categories of an IICRC inspector certification
, whether it is in the area of ceramic tile, carpet, marble and stone, wood and laminate, substrate subfloor, or resilient flooring. It lists the IICRC website for the customer to gain more information. Included is a description of the inspector’s role, explaining that these professionals are an unbiased third party. All the information that is gathered during the examination is to determine the cause of flooring failure or any other type of flooring or upholstery issue. There is also an explanation of how they gain this education. It details that this education is obtained through highly specialized courses of training and continuing education courses, giving these professionals the ability to do their job above reproach. It also gives a brief history of the IICRC, the countries it is located in, and why it is an organization that can and has been trusted for over forty years.

This piece of literature also includes an explanation of what the IICRC is, and how it is a globally recognized nonprofit organization
. It outlines the common carpet performance issues that they deal with, whether it is commercial or residential. The pamphlet also covers maintenance, installation, manufacturing, specifications, and updated technological advances. In this regard, it also outlines that the professional examining the issue is certified in cleaning, repairs, installation, and spot or stain removal.

The Inspection Brochure also covers hard surface flooring. This includes subfloor of any nature, as well as concrete slabs and wood composite. It explains how the examiners are not only trained in all types of subflooring, but also how each subfloor affects additional floor coverings. It includes listing the education that each professional receives in this regard as well, from learning about each product and its performance to any installation or manufacturing issue that may occur.

These brochures can be a vital tool in explaining the importance of technicians being a part of the IICRC
. It can also give the customer the assurance that choosing this company over one that is not a part of this nonprofit organization is the best option.

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