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How To Find Courses For Carpet Cleaning Certification Online

Technicians that want to improve their skills and standing in the industry can attempt to find carpet cleaning certification courses online. Currently, there isn’t any way to take courses that give you a certification on the internet, but a technician can locate an approved school through some internet resources. While there are a few organizations that offer these courses, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is the most respected agency in the industry. Through the IICRC, a professional can take their career to the next level using the institute’s detailed curriculum and talented instructors.

The IICRC is able to instruct technicians around the country and globally because there is no central location or satellite campuses. Instead, the IICRC can locate local, approved carpet cleaning certification schools online. The IICRC is partnered with approved schools and instructors all over, so a technician can typically find a course close to them no matter where they live. Approved instructors are those who have demonstrated mastery of the institute’s concepts, and have several years of experience in the field. These IICRC-approved schools and instructors can be found quickly and easily through the organization’s website.

Even though the IICRC’s carpet cleaning certification courses aren’t taught online, this has no ill effect on their value, as continuing education and certification will pay off for the technician. There are dozens of certifications available in many disciplines, so a firm that specializes in multiple services can improve in several areas. Also, once a technician passes this course they may seek advanced designations that can make them especially attractive to employers and consumers alike. These advanced designations can be pursed in carpet cleaning, water restoration, and fire and smoke restoration. After enough experience and course credit, technicians can achieve journeyman or master status. Consumers and employers respond well to journeymen and masters, considering them to be experts in the industry.

A technician will have access to several benefits once they attain carpet cleaning certification
. The IICRC’s online database is regularly updated and contains a listing of current Certified Firms. Consumers can access this database through the IICRC’s website and find the organization’s Certified Firms through it. The database is robust and allows consumers to target their search in a particular area. Being listed in this prestigious database will help a firm that has certified technicians gain visibility in their area, and take on more clients as a result.

Consumers respect technicians approved by the IICRC. It is one of the few organizations in the industry that home and business owners recognize. This powerful branding is a reputation booster, and statistics back this up. According to a Harris interactive study in 2007 that interviewed 1,100 consumers, 93 percent stated that certification was an important factor in the professional they chose. The IICRC also offers brochures and branding marks to any technicians who attain their carpet cleaning certification. Available online through the IICRC’s website, these brochures are an effective way to generate a positive reputation with potential clients. Registrants who are Certified Firms also have access to the CleanTrust™ mark. The CleanTrust™ mark is a recognizable and respected icon that consumers respond favorably to. When placed on a company vehicle or uniform, it will exude professionalism.

The IICRC should be considered a life-long partner with technicians in the industry
. Registrants can always turn to the Institute for continuing education and professional guidance.

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