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How To Earn A Carpet Cleaning Certification In Michigan

There are plenty of carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan for those looking to start a career in this field. Normally, a technician would have to travel hundreds of miles to reach a training course, but the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) handles its coursework differently. As a result, no matter where the professional lives, they won’t have to go far at all to pick up some important skills. That should be a major relief to technicians in the Great Lake State.

Where can technicians find carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan?

The Wolverine State is regularly blanketed by ice and snow, and this increases the amount of soil people are bringing into their homes. As such, it is essential that technicians in the area be prepared for a variety of work settings. Fortunately, there are training options in most of the major towns and cities in the state. Specifically, the Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing areas all have approved schools , and though they may not offer courses year round, a technician won’t have to wait long to enroll into a class in any of these areas. And, because the three cities bisect the state cleanly, nearly everyone is within a few hundred miles of them. Technicians working way up north may have to travel a little further, but it still represents a commitment that lasts a few days, and not weeks or months.

What can a technician learn while taking carpet cleaning certification courses in Michigan?

The IICRC’s textile treatment course, known as the Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT), is the organization’s foundational class. The CCT teaches a number of fundamental concepts, most of them focused on practical applications, though a few are based on treatment theory. While taking the CCT, professionals will learn how to identify a range of fiber types and textile constructions. Students will also learn how to handle a variety of soiling conditions, which will prepare a technician for most jobs.

In addition to various treatment technologies and detergents, students will be introduced to the most effective methods of treating carpeting. In general, these methods are organized around the IICRC’s five pillars approach to the job. Specifically, technicians will learn how to remove dry soils, suspend anything left behind, remove the suspended material, dry the flooring, and groom it so that it appears evenly textured. The five pillars of treatment are compatible with hot water extraction and dry treatment methods, so nearly all technicians will benefit from it.

Once a professional completes the course, they will have to pass a comprehensive exam to become a registrant of the IICRC. This will confer a number of benefits to the professional, like improving their reputation, giving them access to continuing education courses that can improve a variety of skills, and invitation to industry events. Most importantly, though, is making it easier to generate consumer confidence. This will give the technician a major boost when attracting additional clientele. 

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