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How To Correctly Learn Carpet Cleaning

To comprehensively learn carpet cleaning, a technician should attend an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC-approved certification program. Schools approved by the organization provide courses and exams that can ultimately result in becoming a certified technician. From cleaning and inspection to full restoration, the achievement of obtaining certification status will not only provide the technician with a full spectrum of information, it will set them apart from industry competition. The partnership of the IICRC and the educational institutions they endorse allows certification candidates to learn carpet cleaning in an ethical and highly standardized structure.

From the time it was founded in 1972 to the present, the IICRC has worked internationally to ensure that those certified under their "standard of care" will enter the industry with a full education. They must continue to update their training by earning continuing education credits to retain their professional certification. The abundance of resources and expertise the IICRC offers has led to an industry population of over 53,000 working technicians and over 6,000 certified firms worldwide. For a firm or individual technician, gaining a presence on the organization's database provides them with the opportunity to be listed and receive referrals on the IICRC website.

While the IICRC does not directly offer the courses to learn carpet cleaning, they do present interested parties with their approved listing of schools and/or instructors that provide the various certification track programs. Each location varies when it comes to courses offered; therefore it is imperative to locate a facility that provides the certification program of interest. Completing the applicable courses, the final written exam, and verification of the necessary skills will ultimately result in official certification.

There are programs available to learn carpet cleaning, inspection, and restoration with a range of certifications to earn within each specialty. Each of the required classes varies in duration from one to five days. Under the cleaning program an individual can achieve Color Repair, Floor Care, and Upholstery and Fabric Technician certifications, just to name a few. For the inspection portion, students can earn recognition as Marble and Stone, Ceramic Tile, and Resilient Flooring Inspectors, among others. Finally, the restoration program will qualify students for certifications including Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, Commercial Drying Specialist, and Odor Control Technician. Many professionals choose to obtain multiple certifications in order to boost their industry knowledge and expertise. In the area of advanced certification the first one is the Journeyman Textile Technician which requires one year of industry service as well as a combination of three certifications such as Odor Control Technician and Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician.  Moving up the ladder an individual can achieve a Master Certification which is the apex of the certification available in the carpet cleaning industry.  Journeyman or Master Fire and Smoke Restorer and Journeyman or Master Water Restorer are also available for their respective areas of expertise. Achieving the highest master level entails at least three years of active service in the business and as many as six certifications.

Obtaining certification that demonstrates the overall comprehension necessary to be a successful technician does have its cost. The charge of the course to learn carpet cleaning, any required materials, and travel expenses costs  differ depending upon the specific institution attended. In addition, there are fees for each exam and a yearly charge for retaining certification under the IICRC. While the program has an initial expense, the knowledge and training obtained lead to an ongoing financial return. Certification illustrates the dedication that an individual or firm has made to offer top notch service and remain competitive in the industry.

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