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How To Choose A Rug Cleaning Service

When looking for a rug cleaning service, people should figure out how every company approaches treatment before they settle on one. Precious rugs can be uniquely put together, and many feature a one of a kind design. And though they are tough, they can be worn down and damaged by soil if they are not cleaned promptly. That’s a serious problem for these pieces as they tend to act like dirt sponges in the house. They are capable of soaking up all kind of soil, to the point where the rug may weigh significantly more due to the added burden of dirt and debris.

What should a homeowner look for in a rug cleaning service?

It’s best for a homeowner to know what kind of training and education a technician has before handing such a precious item over. There are many companies that have no formal training or education and are instead relying on techniques that have been passed down by an experienced professional. While there is nothing wrong with passing on practical skills, technicians should also have formal training backing them. This is the only way to eliminate gaps in knowledge, and the only way to ensure a professional is up to date on their skills and techniques.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is among the industry organizations that offers a course for these professionals. Known as the Rug Cleaning Technician (RCT) course, the IICRC’s class focusing on both theory and application and teaches a variety of methods to remove soils from the piece. Students will also learn the limits of treatment and how to inspect the fibers for more serious damage, so a professional can accurately assess what can be cleaned and what will require more thorough effort.

During an IICRC course, students are also introduced to the latest treatment equipment and methods, so certified technicians have the latest tools at their disposal when taking on a job. That should be reassuring to  rug owners, especially because IICRC certified professionals are also expected to uphold a rigorous ethical standard. Negligent or reckless treatment of the rug can result in permanent damage, so a homeowner must be able to trust the company in charge of the job.

Before choosing a rug cleaning service, homeowners will also want to choose a company that has the proper facilities. It takes a surprising amount of space to treat rugs. Of course, space is needed to lay the piece out and inspect it, but there also needs to be room for heavy duty vacuuming and application of cleansing agents, as well as space for an immersion bath, drying centrifuge, and plenty of hanging racks. These are all accepted treatment techniques that professionals use, so a homeowner should visit the business and see what equipment they have on hand, as this will suggest the methods of treatment available.

Still, an IICRC certified professional is the focus, as these technicians will often work the hardest to preserve their reputation in the field and elevate their level of service.

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