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How Can You Achieve A Carpet Cleaning Certification With IICRC?

Attaining carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, is a fairly straightforward process. The technician must sign up and attend a course that demonstrates the best methods for treating textiles. Once the course is over, the student will have to prove mastery of learning the concepts through examination. After passing the exam, a student can become a registrant of the institute. They can also decide if they are going to take other courses in the textile cleaning advanced designation track. Achieving advanced designations within the institute can improve a technician’s standing in the industry even further.

Before achieving carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC, the technician must first pass a course. The best class for professionals in this industry is the CCT (Carpet Cleaning Technician) class. This course is dedicated to the best methods used for treating flooring and will help the student learn how to handle multiple flooring materials. During the class, the instructor will address the various materials that a technician is likely to run into while at a jobsite, including fiber and yarn. Proper identification will allow the professional to select the right tools for the job. Other concepts that are addressed during the class include soiling conditions, textile styles and their finishes, and the methodology behind treating flooring. The institute’s five principles of textile treatment are also a major topic of study and dictate much of the coursework. These principles include soil suspension, grooming, extraction, dry soil removal, and drying. All of these are important to optimal flooring treatment, and must be learned before receiving carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC.

This class is taught over two days for a total of 14 hours of instruction time. At the conclusion of the course, the technician will need to demonstrate mastery with learned concepts. This is done with a hands-on skills demonstration and through an examination. Once a technician passes the examination and files for carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC, they are ready to begin working in the industry. After enough time in the field, the technician will be able to seek advanced designation through the agency.

After a year of service in the field, a technician that has passed the CCT course is eligible  for attaining journeyman status in textile treatment if they pass a couple more classes. These courses include an upholstery and fabric treatment course. As well as either an odor control class, a color repair class or a flooring repair and reinstallation class. In other words, the technician will need to pass two more courses to receive journeyman status.

After three years of time in the industry, a technician may be eligible for attaining master status through the institute. In addition to carpet cleaning certification through the IICRC, the technician must pass the upholstery and fabric treatment course and an odor control course. Also, the professional must complete either a flooring repair and reinstallation class or a general basic repair class. Finally, the professional will need to pass the color repair class. In all, a technician must pass five separate courses before he can call himself a master in the industry. Once he can, though, he will be among the most knowledgeable technicians in his discipline.

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