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How Can Someone Obtain A Carpet Cleaning Certification In AZ

With carpet cleaning certification classes in AZ, it’s possible for Arizona technicians to get the skills and education they need to move forward quickly and effectively with their career. The most respected training organization in the U.S. is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and it has designed its coursework to be as accessible and effective as possible. The clearest example of this is how the IICRC delivers its coursework. Unlike most training organizations, which directly maintain a number of campuses, the IICRC uses a network of approved schools to deliver its coursework. These schools have agreed to uphold the IICRC’s practices and ethical standards, so they are an excellent resource for industry professionals. And these schools are located all over the world, including Arizona.

Where can a professional take a carpet cleaning certification course in AZ?

Unsurprisingly, most IICRC courses are taught out of the state’s major cities, Phoenix and Tucson. In general, there is an IICRC course available in each city at least once every few months, so a professional never has to wait long to further their education. Professionals living in the northern end of the state may consider traveling to Las Vegas for a course, while professionals on the eastern side of Arizona may travel to Albuquerque for training instead.

No matter where a technician decides to take the course, though, they will only need to be out of town for a few days, as these classes are typically taught over a couple days time.

What will a professional learn while taking a carpet cleaning certification course in AZ?

The IICRC’s foundational course is its CCT (carpet cleaning technician) class, which addresses the essential fundamentals for proper and effective cleaning. During the CCT, technicians are introduced to the five pillars approach, which includes dry soil removal, soil suspension, suspended soil removal, grooming and drying. Each of these five components is addressed in turn, giving a professional a complete idea of how to approach each job.

Specifically, students will also work in various soiling conditions, and with a variety of fiber types. This allows the technician to see how different fibers react to treatment and soiling. In addition to identifying typical work settings, students are shown various treatment techniques and how they can be optimized for the job. Hands-on training is essential to the process, so technicians are also given time with modern treatment equipment and cleansing agents, so they will be ready to immediately apply their newfound knowledge when they return to work.

A carpet cleaning certification course in AZ should be considered a major priority for any industry professional that wants to improve their standing in the field. With certification, a professional unlocks the IICRC’s vast resources and a number of avenues to improve their skills further.

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