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How Are IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaners Different?

Hiring IICRC certified carpet cleaners can make the difference between a professionally cleaned carpet and a less-than-desirable result. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification provides technicians with the resources to become certified in their field and specialty. Annual professional services can help ensure a healthier home and extend the life of the carpeting. Homeowners should look for the following things when considering hiring a professional:

  • Qualifications. Not all technicians are qualified to actually do the job. This is because technicians can receive a “certification” at many different institutes, including online classes. Not all training is hands-on and simply doesn’t cover all the necessary  topics. Technicians who attend IICRC-approved schools will become IICRC certified carpet cleaners. Homeowners can also ask to see a business license, insurance, and a qualifications card to ensure their technicians are adequately trained.
  • Trade Associations. A business that is connected to a trade association, has access to resources and beneficial knowledge pertaining to the industry. New and innovative technology constantly keeps the industry on its toes. Even IICRC certified carpet cleaners need to keep up to date with the best and most efficient methods. Through continuing education, which is required by IICRC for technicians to retain their certification, they have the opportunity to continue learning.
  • Experience. Technicians with IICRC certification and plenty of experience will provide superior service for their clients. Additionally, staying up to date on the latest methods and techniques keeps the technician a step ahead of their competition, which is something home and business owners find rather appealing.

IICRC certified carpet cleaners have knowledge and access to products that homeowners do not. Special cleaning products and high powered equipment can extract soil and dirt that is deeply embedded in the fibers of the carpeting. Extracting all of the dirt and soil is important to keep the carpet from deteriorating over time. Certified professionals have extensive knowledge about the different types of materials and fibers used in the construction of the carpet. Properly identifying the material is the first step to understanding how to clean it effectively and keep the carpet looking its best.

If homeowners have a specific problem, such as the need for color repair and odor removal, they can look for a technician who specializes in that area.  These two issues can be extremely difficult to fix with products purchased from a regular store. Technicians should be able to provide homeowners with all of the options available for the best results.

Finding an IICRC certified carpet cleaner is only a simple search away. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification provides consumers with an online search tool. Many types of services can be searched for within a certain area. Another option is to search on the Better Business Bureau’s website, which will list all the businesses in the area and their score, along with any complaints and the way in which they were resolved, but it will not tell you if a company you are considering has an IICRC certified carpet cleaning technician employed. A certified professional can help homeowners have a healthier home, free of unpleasant stains and odors.

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