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Home Carpet Cleaners Could Cause More Damage

It can be tempting for most people to opt for basic home carpet cleaners instead of hiring a certified professional. It can seem like a do-it-yourself option is much less expensive, and while that may be true on the surface, the fact is that there is no rental equipment that can provide the same level of performance that a certified firm can. And if the carpeting is not thoroughly treated on a regular basis, the result will be short-lived carpeting. In the end, going cheap on the cleaning process will cost more in the long run.

What are the problems with home carpet cleaners?

There are a number of them available, from rentals to home versions, but perhaps the most obvious concern with do-it-yourself options is that they can behave unpredictably when used. This is particularly true if the fibers are made from delicate or older materials. If the wrong cleaning agent or equipment is used, it can discolor the carpet or damage its integrity. These are both nightmare outcomes because it will force a repair or replacement long before time. Certified professionals are trained extensively in fiber identification and in matching treatment methods to the fibers. This ensures there is no risk during the cleaning process, and no need to call in more professionals to restore the flooring.

Home carpet cleaners rarely provide the deep penetration or thorough agitation that professional equipment offers. The top of the pile may appear like new, but if the deeply matted soil is not dealt with, it will weaken the carpet’s structure and cause it to look and feel stiff. Also, some particles, like food remnants, can foster bacterial and fungal growth, and if they are sitting at the bottom of the piling, a piece of rental equipment may not provide the power it needs to get the offending debris and soil out. Certified professionals are trained in the latest industry methods and introduced to the best equipment on the market. For example, professionals  sometimes opt for the hot water extraction method, which is sometimes called steam cleaning.

During hot water extraction, the technician will vacuum the floors for loose soil and pretreat the flooring (something that untrained people rarely do). This pretreatment will help destabilize and dissolve those deeply matted soils.

After the pretreatment has had time to sit, the professional will deliver detergent and a little water to the flooring, using something that looks like a vacuum. Again, after this has had time to sit, more water is applied to the area and the soiled water is vacuumed out of the floor. The hot water extraction process is extremely thorough and can capture nearly all of the present soil.

Also keep in mind that cleaning carpet is a strenuous process, and if a family opts for basic home carpet cleaners, they will have to contend with the physical strain. Let a professional handle it instead, and there will be no need to stress over the situation.

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