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Hiring Temps

Hiring Staff on a Temporary-to-Permanent Basis
By Elizabeth Camacho

Hiring the right staff for your business can impact your company value and ultimately your business success. The truth is, hiring highly qualified professionals isn’t easy and requires a lot of time and effort. Good talent is at a premium when the job market is good and recruiting becomes highly expensive. Currently, the competition for the ablest candidates is extremely high and it is costly to pursue people with the skills and knowledge that you need to grow your business.

The acquisition of staff on a temporary-to-permanent hire basis may be the solution that you are looking for and here is why:

  • Temporary staff can be hired on short notice and with the flexibility to fill employee gaps and employment needs
  • Highly qualified professionals are available, sometimes beyond the skills the business needs
  • Cost savings on job advertisements, sourcing, background screening and training costs
  • Time savings on recruiting efforts internally
  • Avoiding the cost of a bad hire and unemployment costs
  • Casting a wide net for the talent you need
  • Connecting with highly qualified candidates because most staffing and recruiting companies maintain good relationships with the top candidates in a multitude of disciplines

Using a staffing and recruiting solution can help you tap into the professionals with the specialized skills that you need.  There is a fee associated with using a staffing and recruiting service, but just what are you getting for your money? Fees like this typically cover:

  • Onboarding: candidate background and drug testing (when applicable)
  • Payroll administration
  • Employee paid sick time off, paid holidays and vacation when applicable
  • Other fees that are covered include payroll processing, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, general liability, auto insurance requirement, health benefits
  • Unemployment costs (when applicable) are covered
  • Also covered are sourcing, job postings and advertisement costs on various venues

When you consider everything that is factored into the staffing and recruiting company’s fee, the return on investment and return on time alone might be worth it to your company.

Elizabeth Comacho is the Executive Director of Client Relations and Business Development at the Scott Business Group.

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