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Is Hiring Certified Furniture Cleaners Worth It?

Anyone with children, pets, or both will eventually look for furniture cleaners to help them maintain the integrity of their upholstery. Even people without pets or children can spill something from time to time. Often the cleanup will look like a paper towel and a lot of rubbing. However, most often, this will only aggravate the issue, and then people start looking for furniture cleaners. In a minor case, something over-the-counter may suffice, but more often than not, they only make the problem worse, and the need for a professional technician becomes imminent.

Is it really necessary to employ certified furniture cleaners?

That depends on how long the homeowner wants the upholstery to last. There are home remedies and over-the-counter products that will offer a short-term solution, but often the application is where homeowners make the biggest mistake. What many people do when a spill occurs is they grab an upholstery product and try to eliminate the stain. Most of the time, the stain will disappear only to return in a short period of time, leaving the person scratching their head over what went wrong. If they want to really tackle the soiling issue correctly and prolong the life of the upholstery, then a certified professional is a must.

What are the benefits of hiring certified upholstery cleaners?

Education. Certified technicians know the construction of various upholstery fibers and can identify different types of upholstery easily. They understand the manufacturing process and know how to spot-test particular materials. A certified technician will also know which cleaning agents or products to use, including the proper tools or equipment that are suitable for the job. The technician will also be able to determine if there will be any issues caring for the upholstery, or what the material’s durability and limitations may be. They will also educate the customer on how to maintain the upholstery afterwards to prolong its life.

What are some tips for maintaining upholstery between professional visits?

Depending on the material, vacuuming or brushing chairs and sofas to remove loose soil should be done often.  Using arm caps on chairs or sofas will prolong the life of the material, as well as keep soiling in these areas to a minimum. Rotating the seat and back cushions regularly will even out the wear and tear and extend the life of the cushions. Most manufacturers will suggest that certified furniture cleaners professionally care for the upholstery every one to two years. The more use the furniture receives, the more often it should be cleaned. If there is someone in the home that suffers from allergies or if there are pets in the home, then maintenance should be done more frequently.
Furniture is an investment, and homeowners want this investment to last. So when it comes time to really get the dirt out, it is best to call a certified technician to ensure the job is done properly.

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