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Hire A Carpet Stain Remover That Is Certified

There are dozens of carpet stain remover products on the market, and all of them advertise results that often sound too good to be true. While these products can help in some situations, they will usually fail to remove the problem completely; particularly if they aren’t used immediately following a spill. In some instances, they may even make discoloration worse or set the soil into the floor, making it more difficult to get out. Discoloration is not always due to soil and can occur with age or chemical damage. Over-the-counter products will generally not be able to restore flooring damaged in this way.

What are some common accidents or situations that require professional carpet stain remover?

Most homeowners are familiar with the damage that food or liquid spills can cause. Wine, coffee, juice, cola, ketchup, mustard and chocolate are the most frustrating to deal with as they take concerted efforts to remove. Ketchup and chocolate  staining is particularly challenging, as heat can cause them to set deep into the floor and make it even harder to get rid of them.

Pet urine and feces is another common issue that homeowners face, and this type of  unwanted addition to your carpet can also leave a biological hazard behind. Just because a product may remove any visual evidence of an accident doesn’t mean the floor is really clean.

Blood and ink aren’t as common, but both set quickly, are highly visible and act like dyes. This means they can quickly infiltrate many fibers and saturate them. Over-the-counter products also have a tendency to smear dye-like soils and spread them even more, often worsening the problem.

Chemical spills can cause a somewhat rare but extremely damaging form of discoloration. In the home, this usually means spilling bleach or some other form of color dissolvent on the floor. Bleach will quickly destroy large patches of color in the carpet, creating a major eyesore. Basic treatment products will have no effect on chemical spills, and special dyeing methods will be needed to restore the flooring. Dyeing will also be necessary if the flooring has discolored due to age, as this means that the dye in the fibers have broken down over time.

What kind of training do professional carpet stain remover companies have?

Professionals that have training through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification typically provide a range of services and have access to the best treatment solutions and equipment available. Certified color repair technicians can identify a number of soil and discoloration conditions and use this knowledge to come up with an appropriate repair method. For example, a technician may gently agitate the flooring to remove caked in food debris, dissolve dyes or organic matter using  specialized chemicals, or restore discolored flooring with precise application of special dyes.

No homeowner wants to deal with an ugly patch of discolored flooring, but store bought products often fail to do much about the problem. Skip the headache and bring in a professional to get it handled for good.

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