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We Have Been Busy! GRC Renovations Nearly Complete

We’ve Been Busy! GRC Renovations Nearly Complete

IICRC GRC Renovation Dennis BlakeFor those of you who have stopped by the IICRC’s Global Resource Center (GRC) in Las Vegas, we have three words for you: Pardon our dust! We are on the brink of completing major renovations both in and outside the building.

We recently sat down with IICRC board member and Property Management Committee chair Dennis Blake to answer your most frequently asked questions about the new building:

What types of renovations have been occurring at the GRC?
We’ve been pretty busy here over the last several months. We’ve been removing and rebuilding walls, as well as adding additional offices. This includes expanding the main meeting room more than 3,000 sq. ft. to accommodate future Symposiums and Certification Council meetings. We’ve also been reorganizing the warehouse by rebuilding racks and adding new entry doors. We’ve added a lunch area, replaced ceiling tiles, added a new entrance on the side of the building and re-landscaped the exterior.

When did renovations start, and when are they projected to be completed?

The majority of renovations started in January after our Grand Opening Celebration. We are on track to finish by September.

IICRC GRC RenovationWhat will these new renovations bring to the building?

The renovations will bring more functionality. The new meeting area will  accommodate more people and makes the building more user friendly for a variety of functions.

Why were renovations needed?
This building was a bank before we purchased it and therefore wasn’t set up for our needs.

What is the goal of the GRC and how will the renovations help achieve this?
Our overall goal in purchasing the GRC was to enhance the educational resources and outreach efforts of the Institute. The renovations will make the space more multifunctional to allow it to become an activity hub for everything related to the industry.

We eventually hope to house offices for the Association (IICRCA), host our board meetings and other industry meetings and events, as well as small trade shows or conventions, a museum for the industry, training and possibly an industry laboratory.

IICRC Global Resource Center GRC RenovationWhat's next for the GRC?
We will be having an Executive Board meeting at the facility in August.

GRC Quick Facts:
Property Address: 4043 S. Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Parcel Size: ±1.62 acres
Zoning: Commercial (C-1), Clark County Jurisdiction
Year Built: 1975; remodeled in 2001 and 2014; new concrete tile roof in 2013
Building Info: Prior bank, furniture store
Purchased: July 2013
Parking: 80 spaces; 35 covered
Construction Type: Mixture of brick, masonry block, frame & siding
Unique Features: Built-in vault, commercial grade kitchen
Other: Located along bus route, 4.14 miles from McCarran International Airport, 3.13 miles from Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

For further information on the renovations or how you can use this space, please contact us at

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