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The need for hard surface cleaning is growing rapidly in conjunction with the popularity this type of flooring is seeing. While they require fairly low maintenance it is imperative to the look and longevity of these materials to have them routinely treated by highly trained technicians. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, has responded to the demand for such preservation by offering relevant courses, materials, and certifications for hard surface cleaning service providers. When a customer hires a certified technician they can rest assured their flooring will be cared for appropriately.

Many consumers are looking past the traditional carpeting and vinyl flooring and recognizing the variety of options available for both commercial and residential settings. They include, but are not limited to ceramic tile, wood, stone, laminate, and concrete. In addition to the innovative styles, the prevalence of these types of floor is largely due to the ease with which they are maintained. Entry mats and area rugs are helpful additions as is regular sweeping, vacuuming and light mopping to minimize the soils that can ultimately cause erosion to the floor over time. In order to retain the material's appearance and durability it is necessary to hire a qualified professional to perform a serious treatment that will provide the proper protection. The knowledge and experience they carry will ensure the correct equipment, chemicals, materials, and methods of care are employed. In addition, they can provide customers with any applicable tips and techniques for hard surface cleaning in between professional care visits.

The IICRC is an international non-profit, ANSI-accredited organization that specializes in standards development and certification for the inspection, cleaning and refurbishment areas of the flooring industry. They have operated alongside other industry groups to formulate agreed upon standards for the field since its start in 1972. Their presence in countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and the United States has made them the core body of information and voice for the roughly 6,500 firms and over 54,000 technicians certified within their program.

Individuals that complete the curriculum and training offered by this premiere organization are certified to have in-depth understanding about the techniques, safety guidelines, and up to date science and research
. There is a range of inspection certification categories offered by the organization including those focused exclusively on the hard surface cleaning of resilient flooring, stone, masonry, and ceramic tile maintenance, wood floor, wood laminate, and floor care. Within each specialty is pertinent coursework and training intended to maximize technician expertise in the field. The IICRC oversees the materials and testing given to make certain that technicians are familiar with current trends, standards, methodological developments, and flooring related problems upon completing the program. The confidence the organization has in its program and alumni is shown in the CleanTrust™ service mark that certified technicians and companies are permitted to display on their website or published materials to show the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

There comes a time in every commercial or residential property when the basic hard surface cleaning techniques do not suffice. In these instances hiring an IICRC certified technician can assure the customer of the service provider’s integrity and that the floor care received is of high quality. As a result, their investment is maximized and they can enjoy their flooring for years to come.

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