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A Hard Surface Certified Brochure For Flooring Companies

Being able to hand customers a Hard Surface Certified Brochure can communicate to them that a business is truly professional and knows their industry. Although there are many floor cleaning and restoration businesses that operate professionally, not all of them are staffed by individuals who have undergone formal training. In order to gain business it is important to advertise when technicians are educated experts.

All types of flooring require the proper maintenance in order to remain resilient
. Whether it’s a restoration or an inspection, hiring a professional is the only way to get the job done right. Without these brochures, customers may never even be aware of how beneficial it is to them to choose formally trained individuals to perform the maintenance and care that their flooring needs. Customers should know if the technicians are experienced in the correct treatment methods of all types of hard surface flooring, including wood, stone, ceramic tile, laminate, and concrete. One of the benefits of having the Hard Surface Certified Brochure is that it can effectively communicate to customers that the business they have hired is affiliated with the IICRC.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a trusted name in the cleaning and restoration industry, not just for technicians, but for consumers too
. The IICRC is a global non-profit organization. They provide the extensive training that produces certified technicians who are familiar with the current science, techniques, and safety regulations of their trade. The Hard Surface Certified Brochure can be purchased directly from the IICRC. They come in packs of 100. These pamphlets provide a small cache of knowledge to customers about a range of relevant topics. They effectively and informatively explain the renown of the IICRC, provide a list of the specialized classes they offer related to hard surface flooring, and disclose the meaning of the CleanTrust symbol. The IICRC knows that the proper use of equipment and cleaning chemicals cannot be guaranteed without the correct training. The IICRC sells the Hard Surface Certified Brochure to businesses that demonstrate the skill levels worthy of the CleanTrust service mark, including having certified technicians on staff. Since the IICRC is well respected, the CleanTrust service mark is meant to be symbolic of the quality of care that these technicians are capable of providing.

These brochures are one of the many that the IICRC provides for flooring inspection, restoration and cleaning businesses. Being up to date in knowledge and techniques and making sure that clients are cognizant of that can be a competitive advantage. For this reason, these informative brochures can be used as persuasive marketing tools. They help customers become aware that the business they hired, or are thinking about hiring, deserves their trust can provide the best service. The IICRC does not indiscriminately offer to sell these pamphlets to cleaning businesses; standards must be met and certifications must be earned.   

Becoming certified takes extra training. Being willing to put in the extra effort is indicative of the integrity of the business. The Hard Surface Certified Brochure is a simple way that businesses can communicate to their target customers exactly what they need to know.

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