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Getting Professional Help For Carpet Restoration

Carpet cleaning and restoration is essential if a homeowner wants to keep their carpet in top condition. Flooring receives more punishment than just about anything else in the home and has to resist constant trampling, frequent spills, tracked in soil, and other sources of damage. Eventually, the fibers will discolor and lose their integrity and will have to be replaced if the homeowner doesn’t intervene. The best way to go about that is with professional assistance as expert crews can often restore fibers in nearly any condition.

How can professionals help with carpet restoration?

Regular cleaning is the most important aspect of carpet maintenance, and it should be done at least twice a year. There are several approaches to cleaning, ranging from the use of dry compounds, to hot water extraction, to dispersing special compounds that crystallize and entrap soils in the fibers. Regular cleaning keeps soils or stains from setting in too deeply and damaging the fibers. At the microscopic level, pieces of dirt and hardened food remnants act like tiny saws against the delicate fibers. If not removed as soon as possible, they will dig into the fibers and cause them to slowly unwind or separate.

However, sometimes it’s too late just to clean the flooring and be done with it. Carpeting that has not been treated in a long time may have suffered a great deal of physical or color damage, or may be producing foul odors. Reversing such damage takes special training and equipment, though many cleaning companies will have someone certified to complete the process.

For example, carpet restoration experts will often have to remove sections that have been damaged beyond treatment. To install a new patch, or bonded insert, the technician will need to remove the damaged area with a special knife and replace it with a special glue and heavy-duty iron. Handling special equipment like this requires additional training, and this training can be acquired through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

How can the IICRC help a technician learn carpet restoration?

The institute is dedicated to training industry professionals in a variety of disciplines, ranging from basic textile treatment to advanced fire and water damage repair techniques. With more than 30 classes available, it is possible for a technician to learn everything they need to tackle a huge variety of work settings.

Among these courses are a flooring repair and installation class, a color repair class, and an odor removal class. Together, they will provide a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that a technician will need to acquire on the job experience. It’s no surprise, then, that cleaning and repair firms often seek out IICRC certified professionals for hire, because they know they will be up to the task.

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