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Getting Certified In Smoke Restoration Can Improve A Career

Professionals who work in the smoke damage restoration industry need to always be up to date with their knowledge of the field. Homeowners may think that once a fire is put out the danger has passed, but these specialists know better. They realize that a building that has experienced a fire needs immediate attention and cannot be allowed to sit for weeks. Specialists need to work through the home quickly and efficiently, neutralizing any effects of the fire and eliminating any possible risks. To learn how to do this properly, a professional should consider getting certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

The IICRC is the most recognizable organization in the industry and its approved schools offer several certification courses
. One of these is the fire and smoke restoration technician course. In this class, the registrant will learn how to properly approach the technical side of the job. Students will be taught the best available techniques for removing damage caused by fire and will learn how to manage the job site while working. Also, the instructor will walk the registrant through assessing and pricing the work for the customer beforehand, ensuring that the professional is fairly compensated for their duties. This class is taught over two days, for a total of 14 hours. The IICRC does not conduct classes itself, but approves schools and instructors to teach the classes —  usually long-time registrants with many years of experience in the course area. This ensures that all techniques and technology used are relevant to the field at the time the course is taught. A professional who wants to take a smoke restoration course through the IICRC can likely find an instructor in their area, because they are spread throughout North America.

There are also advanced certification tracks that a registrant can opt for which can greatly improve their standing in the industry. The IICRC offers three advanced certification tracks, including textile cleaner, water restorer and fire and smoke restoration. Each certification track is available in two ranks, depending on the experience level of the registrant and what education credits they have received through the IICRC. To achieve Journeyman Fire & Smoke Restorer status, the registrant needs to have at least one year of experience in the industry after their original certification date. They must also earn certifications in the fire and smoke restoration technician class, the odor control technician course and the upholstery and fabric cleaning class.

The odor control technician course teaches the student how to detect and neutralize odor sources. The registrant will also be introduced to current methods of mechanical and chemical removal. During the upholstery and fabric cleaning course, the instructor will go over the theory behind cleaning textiles and will show the strengths and limitations of different cleaning methods.

After three years of experience in the field, the registrant is eligible for Master Fire & Smoke Restorer status in this certification track
. They must also pass a carpet cleaning course and a health and safety class to qualify. The health and safety technician course will show the professional how to maintain proper OSHA safety conditions and how to keep proper records of any incidents.

By the time the specialist reaches master status, they will have all of the knowledge necessary to become a respected member of their industry.

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