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Getting A Carpet Cleaning Certification Online

While there are several schools that offer carpet cleaning certification online, many that have a desire to excel in this field look to schools that are approved by the IICRC and choose to attend classes in person for the maximum benefit in learning the latest techniques of the trade. While there are several schools that offer these courses, it would be in the best interest of the student to choose one that is associated with the group that is considered the gold standard among professionals. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the go to place to get the education and a strong stamp of approval. They offer continuing education certification in various areas of expertise on their website, allowing the professional to increase his or her knowledge. After a few years in the industry, along with continuing education, it’s possible for the technician to achieve a master level of skill.

Customers looking for professionals in this industry often contend with information overload. There are many operations out there, and they all do things their own way. For a home or business owner, it often comes down to just picking a name out of a proverbial hat. Rather than choosing a company that got their carpet cleaning certification online, they should look for those that are associated with the IICRC, as well as those that are constantly furthering their education and knowledge of the technological advances within this industry. When the home or business owner is careful in their choice of who to hire for the job, they are more likely to be satisfied with the end results.

The IICRC offers three levels of acknowledgement, and the first involves becoming a Certified Firm and agreeing to uphold its standards. The IICRC is in charge of putting together the best practices in the industry, and is constantly updating what it considers to be the best methods and equipment for producing optimum results. When a business becomes a Certified Firm, it agrees to abide by these standards and to stay on the edge of the technology curve.

While the Institute does not currently offer carpet cleaning certification online, their continuing education certificates will enable the professional to stay abreast of current changes and offer their clients the best service possible
. Some of the continuing education courses will include areas of expertise covering basic textile cleaning, color correct techniques, various methods of repair, fire and flood restoration, inspection and much more.

After a professional receives their carpet cleaning certification, obtaining online CEC’s will show their clients that they are serious about their profession and the work they complete.  Anyone who is serious about their reputation will seek this level of training and further education.

In addition to carpet cleaning certification, online CECs will provide a host of other certification tracks. Among the available options are fire and smoke restoration and water restoration. Fire and smoke restorers must take upholstery and fabric restoration courses, and must also pass the odor control class in addition to the basic fire and smoke training. To achieve mastery in this area, they must also pass a basic textile cleaning course and must also pass the health and safety course. For those seeking the water restoration certificate, journeyman status can only be achieved after passing the textile repair course and a basic class. To get to the master level, they must also get through microbial remediation, applied structural dying and the aforementioned health and safety classes. Completing these classes allows the business to be listed in the IICRC database for these specific areas of treatment.

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