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Get Training With A Carpet Cleaning Institute

A carpet cleaning institute can offer the kind of guidance and training needed to get a foothold in the industry. However, not all organizations are focused on helping professionals improve their skills, and some are only there for professional networking. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides ample opportunities for both, providing important coursework to professionals of all skill levels and hosting several events throughout the year. However, the IICRC’s roots are firmly entrenched in education, and have been since the organization was founded decades ago.

Why should a professional consider seeking training from a carpet cleaning institute?

The textile treatment industry has a problem with standardizing its knowledge, and this makes it frustrating for consumers who expect a certain level of service from a technician. For this reason, homeowners are starting to look for certification and education in the technicians they are considering hiring. Professionals who haven’t undergone training through an organization will be at a major disadvantage as consumers continue to trend this way.

But more importantly, when a technician enters the field, they are going to be judged by the quality of their service. If a professional isn’t prepared for every work situation that could come their way, they may generate a lot of negative word of mouth and make it extremely hard on themselves. Thorough training can help eliminate the blind spots in a technician’s body of knowledge, and teach them additional skills that can help them stand out even more. For example, the IICRC offers odor removal and color repair courses, both services that a homeowners will also require in addition to standard textile treatment. With a well-developed reservoir of skills, a technician will have extra opportunities to generate revenue and impress a client.

When a technician is just getting started, they will do much of their learning through coworkers and members of their firm. This is important experience for a professional, but it means the technician will only have experience with a limited set of equipment and treatment methods. The IICRC’s training places heavy emphasis on introducing the latest technologies to professionals, and this can be a valuable resource to technicians who want to improve their service.

What kind of training does the IICRC offer?

Since the carpet cleaning institute was founded in 1972, the IICRC has emphasized training, though it initially only taught professionals steam treatment, a revolutionary technology at the time. Since the 70s, the IICRC has expended its curriculum to more than a couple dozen disciplines. In addition to textile treatment, the IICRC offers classes in upholstery treatment, fire and smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, textile repair and installation, microbial remediation, and more.

Textile treatment remains the IICRC’s most important course, though, and during the class, professionals will learn how to identify fibers, fabric construction, and soiling conditions, and then use this knowledge to come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

Nothing beats preparation in this industry, and with the IICRC on your side, you will be ready for just about anything homeowners and employers throw your way.

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