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Get A Carpet Cleaning Training Certification With IICRC

Carpet cleaning training certification is a major equalizer for a technician looking for an edge in the industry. In recent years, home and business owners have demanded their technicians be educated and up to date on their knowledge. Industry experts believe it will be a requirement in the future, so professionals that want to remain ahead of their competition can benefit greatly from taking courses through an organization like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). And, of course, taking classes through the IICRC can improve a technician’s abilities, which can also help generate business for a firm.

Why should technicians consider carpet cleaning training certification through the IICRC?

There are several organizations that offer education in the field, but few of them have the history that the IICRC does, and fewer still have the breadth and depth of coursework that the IICRC offers. A lot of organizations only offer a small handful of classes, and they won’t necessarily build on each other. The IICRC takes a different approach, and can do so because it is a global organization.

The IICRC provides more than 30 courses for technicians, ranging from basic textile treatment to mold remediation, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration. While the textile treatment course can prepare a technician for most work settings and teach a professional the most modern techniques, for a lot of technicians, it is only the beginning. Many decide to acquire additional skills through the IICRC’s courses and through its online education resources. The IICRC’s online classes greatly expand the organization’s curriculum, and include highly specialized courses like crime scene treatment, marketing, web development, and safety compliance. These classes can benefit an individual as well as a firm owner, making it easier for them to put their business on the map.

Once a technician passes a carpet cleaning training certification course, they can achieve advanced designations through the organization by completing several more classes. To attain advanced textile treatment designations, the technician will need to complete an upholstery treatment course and either an odor removal, color repair, or textile repair course. Eventually, if a professional wants to be considered a master in their field, they will need to pass all of the aforementioned classes. By the time a technician has completed all of the work needed for master designation, they will likely have several years of experience in the industry. It can therefore be a significant achievement, even for technicians that have worked in the field for a long time.

A professional doesn’t have to go far to take an IICRC course, either, because they are offered through a network of approved  schools found around the world. In fact, it’s possible for a technician to travel to where the instructor teaches, complete the course, pass the exam, and return home within a week. It’s just one more reason why thousands of professionals choose the IICRC every year for their education.

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