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Furthering Education With Carpet Cleaning Certification Classes

Continuing education and up to date training are a must in the floor cleaning industry. Service providers who strive to deliver the best possible value to their customers may consider attaining a professional stamp of approval by taking advantage of carpet cleaning certification classes.

As the widely accepted entity that sets industry standards, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a valuable resource in directing service providers to approved schools offering the desired courses.  IICRC  “registered supporters” include well-known companies like Prochem, Stanley Steemer and Bridgepoint Systems,  who along with more than 60 other academies and schools offer IICRC-approved courses in a variety of specialties and settings across the United States.

The ideal place for service providers to start the search for suitable carpet cleaning certification classes is on the IICRC’s website. The organization offers a comprehensive list of accredited schools and directs service providers to the academies’ respective websites with a single click of the mouse. also provides detailed course descriptions for nearly 30 classes, with carpet cleaning certification classes comprising only a fraction of the offering. Among the courses featured by the IICRC are study tracks that lead to basic accreditation such as Carpet Cleaning Technician (CCT), an advanced designation as Senior Carpet Inspector (SCI) or status as Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CCM). Other flooring and textile accreditations include Wood Laminate Flooring Inspector (WLFI) and Ceramic Tile Inspector (CTI), for example.

It is important to note that the IICRC does not own or operate any schools, but rather specializes in informing students about educational options.  For students who wish to advance their accreditations a step further, IICRC also offers information on course work required to achieve coveted designations such as IICRC Journeyman and IICRC Master.

Initial carpet cleaning certification classes are generally obtained in a classroom setting at the service provider’s IICRC-approved school of choice. Factors such as specialization, timing and travel distance usually influence the decision of which school is the best fit. Instruction generally lasts one to five days and exams are taken immediately following each course. Students who fail the test or are otherwise unable to complete the exam following the conclusion of onsite instruction are directed to find an exam monitor in their area to take (or re-take) the test.

Once initial credentials are obtained, students may become eligible to earn additional credits through online or distance courses. Fifteen IICRC-approved schools currently sponsor nearly 60 online or distance learning courses. Students can also find valuable information online regarding how to maintain inspector or technician status over the years. For those designations, as well as advanced designations, continuing education credits are required every 2-4 years, respectively.

IICRC accreditation is viewed by industry peers as well as end consumers as a seal of respectability, trustworthiness and professionalism. It reassures the customer that the service provider performing work in the home or office lives up to the industry standards of quality. Consequently, the completion of IICRC-approved carpet cleaning certification classes is more than education – the IICRC stamp of approval is also a useful marketing tool for service providers, lending a competitive edge in terms of credibility and performance assurance in the eyes of the customer.

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